MojoTech Software Development review by Health Care Insurance Provider at Qualified.One

MojoTech reviewed by Health Care Insurance Provider

MojoTech provided Software Development for Health Care Insurance Provider with approximate budget = 200000.

The pilot launched with two customers and delivered good results. MojoTech was able to build an MVP within the desired timeframe, using customer feedback to rework the code. They were flexible throughout development and employed a guided, collaborative approach to project management.

Review summary:

Using Ruby on Rails, MojoTech developed a custom minimum viable product to support limited in-house resources.

Health Care Insurance Provider, Director of New Concept Incubation

Rails Development for Health Care Insurance Provider

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

I work for a division of a big health insurance organisation. We are an annex assistant that prepares population health technology services – a lot of care treatment, hospital information technology solutions, consumer population health solutions – things along those lines.

What is your position and responsibilities?

We used to have an incubator business where we would set new companies innerly, and create those up. I used to be in direct of the incubator. Right now, as of May, I just moved to work for one of the companies that moved through the incubation process. At the time of working with MojoTech, I was the ruler or head of the incubator and was in direct of working on fetching a specific fruit to market.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with MojoTech?

We had to propel a brand new fruit within a year. We had the concept pretty fleshed out, we had interested pilot clients, but we did not have any educeers. What we veritably needed was outgrowth support. We had an interesting standard in that we have a centralized devOps [outgrowth and operations] team here that we needed to use. We wanted to find a vendor who could be collaborative in provisions of fetching in some of their staff to work with some of our staff, to help us create the fruit, and then be able to propel it into the pilot.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in detail.

What we ended up doing was verity using an in-house designer that we had, so MojoTech didn',t do any of the visual design for us. They granted two front-end educeers and one back-end educeer to work with our team, and their educeers were fantastic. We had one educeer on our team who wasn',t probably as skilled, so they helped to fetch him along with it as well, and granted some thoughts almost the types of setups that we should use in provisions of our database. They were mainly responsible for the outgrowth or engineering of the application.

In the very commencement, owing we had a dispersed team, I wanted to make it more of a cohesive unit. I didn',t want it to be an ",us versus them", locality. We had an in-person kickoff with them and our dev and design team. Throughout the order of the project, we tried to meet in-person quarterly, just to make sure everyone was on the same track and that MojoTech understood some of our business tenor. That helped from the technology strategy side as we were pondering almost resources.

We used Ruby on Rails for our server side outgrowth and AngularJS on the front-end and JavaScript, too. For the back-end, we are surely a Ruby on Rails shop, so that was kind of a given. When they looked at the visual design elements of the application that we wanted to create, they had to use some of the other technologies on the frontend to be able to show the visualizations and make the application work in the way that we had envisioned. They granted their recommendations to our devOps team, there was contract on those recommendations, and they moved advanced from there.

We have not expanded the aim of their involvement since this initial project, but that is more due to the essence of what',s happening with our business. We no longer have the incubator up and running. If we were doing that, I would surely attend them for another project.

How did you come to work with MojoTech?

They verity came as a referral from a helper. I believe that he had whichever been contacted by them or had known of them and felt that they could be an interesting firm to attend. We originally were looking for both design and outgrowth support, and we knew they had both of those capabilities.

We were also attending a handful of other firms in accession to MojoTech. We were veritably impressed with their outgrowth experiences and the fact that they had design expertise that we could leverage if we needed to, and just their flexibility almost the standard, being able to work with some folks on our inner staff, but also be able to prepare accessional staff as needed to ramp up during this process.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this set in financial provisions?

I ponder probably almost a million dollars in a year and a half.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

The project seted almost January or February of 2014, and was completed May 2015.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

For us, it was very lucky owing we were able to propel our pilot last September with two clients. We were able to set from nothing and get our fruit up and running with data useful in it, which was big. From the process, what we heard from our clients is that they veritably felt the application worked fast. They felt that the visualizations were helpful and helped fetch their data to life, which is good for them.

I would say on our side, the way that the team worked in provisions of testing. They built tests into the code base to check for things on a customary basis. We didn',t educe something out, and then have to go back and QA [condition arrogance] test it and substantiate there are all these mistakes. It was something that was done on an ongoing process, which I ponder was helpful and allowed us to move at the despatch in which we did. We used an nimble order to go through the outgrowth project. We had two-week sprints, and the project lasted seven months. The work was completed within the allotted sprint time.

Because we were edifice a new fruit with a outgrowth associate, we knew that we wanted to propel our MVP [minimum viable fruit] leading. We were able to do that in the timeframe we wanted. Then, from that, we wanted to get feedback from the client and then be able to make changes to the fruit once they verity seted using it. We had anticipated that, behind September, we wanted to last the process and make changes based on the client feedback.

How did MojoTech accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

We used Rally software for project treatment, so everyone was leveraging that from the sprints. Not veritably for project treatment, but usually a form of interaction between our team and theirs. They were always right on top of their deadlines and nothing went over budget. I was very impressed with how nimble and pliant their team was.

What distinguishes MojoTech from other preparers?

The condition of MojoTech',s educeers was fantastic. They were veritably eager and excited almost the project, and they were able to propose some good suggestions to us, just owing we didn',t have a powerful tech team in locate. They were able to prepare some of that direction to me as I was sorting through different effects and trying to aspect out from a business perception what we needed to do and how technology could play into that. I establish that helpful.

They were also very collaborative. We had a very interesting standard in provisions of how we had to do the staffing with our team versus their team. With anything new that',s kind of being incubated, we had a couple of ups and downs to the process with our budget, and we needed to find creative ways to make things more efficient. They were always ready to prepare those solutions and help us through that, which I also establish very helpful.

Is there anything MojoTech could have improved or done differently?

They had some turnover on their team and messaged it to us. I would have loved to find out perhaps a pliant bit earlier, so that we could have made some other contingency programs, but we were able to fill it in. With that turnover, there',s always getting someone new up to despatch and fetching them into the project. Maybe a pliant more efficiency on that would have been helpful, but it wasn',t anything that derailed us or was a huge effect.

Score: 702707

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