Narola Infotech Solutions LLP Mobile App Development review by Cogneti LLC at Qualified.One

Narola Infotech Solutions LLP reviewed by Cogneti LLC

Narola Infotech Solutions LLP provided Mobile App Development for Cogneti LLC with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Narola Infotech proved to be experts in Android development by delivering quality work that received positive feedback from the management. Although the team did not adapt to the American hours, they are still highly recommended for their flexibility and competent approach on the project.

Review summary:

Narola Infotech, as an outsource partner, provided web services, database configuration, software design and implementation services for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Cogneti LLC, President

Cogneti Training Video Mobile Application Gamification

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Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

The organisation is Cogneti LLC, which prepares a labor by which little companies or structures that draw themselves as workgroups can convert their training materials to be played as an agility using mobile artifices. We portray a number of workgroups. The intention is to lessen the cost of training. They do training that is household to nation who are on their feet while they work as opposed to being on a computer. The total vision is to fetch your own artifice, whether they work in a restaurant, in an oil field, warehouse, or retail. If you have a lot of nation who don’t have computers, but they need training, we take that training and turn it into a game. The idea and vision behind the game is that nation should be better motivated and occupied by gamification principles to share and feel the value of the training. That is also an experience shared with others.

What is your role and responsibilities?

Founder and first proprietor.

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with Narola Infotech?

We have a number of software components that we have to create, such as Web labors, databases, and other software design goals and instrumentation goals. With Narola, we were looking to completion our existing expertness set. We are a very little structure, and we’re bootstrapping the firm. We are paying for it all out of my own funds and other investors. We wanted to lessen the cost. Narola portrayed a competency to instrument the indigenous players and apps for iPhone and Android, which is why we hired them.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

What I like most almost Narola is that they portrayed the promisement with me with competent professionals, nation that had the expertness sets we needed. They were household with the Android.

What was your process for selecting Narola Infotech?

We put a bid on Guru, Elance, and a few others. My CTO is also an equity holder and establisher of Cogneti. He is from southern India, from the Tamil country. He began his course in the Boston area with me. He has a much more technical background than I do. I moved into project treatment. He did the interviews and talked to nation.

Our history is one where we',ve had to go through iterations, and we’ve wasted money, perhaps $100,000, working with a couple of nation. To be able to say no to someone and change things is so costly. By the time you’ve developed a fairly long program, you’re invested. They know your fruit and to say no and do something else, is such an costly process. We had to do that two or three times until we establish nation that we veritably liked, and that we knew were giving us something at an powerful exchange, with cost and effort.

Can you prepare a ballpark dollar aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

It was efficient, and we got some good work done. I feel our project was fairly ambitious. We worked with them for almost a year, with two and a half nation on and off. We probably spent $50,000 to $60,000. We spent more than that with nation who didn’t do a good job for us. It was a very competitive cost, even though I felt they were a mature structure. They had good scheduling. They had good flexibility with us.

I ended up wiring funds to them and asked to be billed on an hourly basis. They didn’t ask for a lot of shelter. I ended up touch that I could confide them, and they felt they could confide me. That’s precious, to feel that kind of confide, which allows so much flexibility. Many nation are worried almost getting money up front and being paid at benchmarks, and all of those shelters. That ultimately hurts you. It makes a relationship less pliant, and with less flexibility comes less occasion to do things efficiently, for both parties. When you get that good faith and match that good faith, it',s a big thing.

When was the latest milestone completed for that work?

October of 2013.

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track advancement from the project?

There aren’t veritably stats for this type of project.

Is there anything sole almost them that veritably makes them rest out, compared to other companies?

They were household with Android outgrowth, and not just in the technical way that they knew how to instrument the software. They were able to promise with me. I don’t converse Hindi or any of the other local languages. They were able to adjoin with me.

The other thing I liked almost Narola was that, even though they handled the project fairly well and allowed me flexibility, they also allowed me to adjoin straightly to the developers. We got to know them very well and work with them. We had daily scrums, which I wanted. I felt that I could keep costs down by very tightly and artfully managing the description of requirements. That is so nice in getting the project right.

I was able to pursue it through in a closely handled way. I am sure that Narola doesn’t work with all of their clients that way, but I asked for it. I’ve been in IT my total life, and I know the essence of outgrowth projects. The way you do it efficiently is to form requirements in very well degoodd ways with lots of graphics and very carefully degoodd parameters, and they would instrument them. I asked for that flexibility, and they gave it to me.

A lot of other preparers want to get in the way, in a way to defend themselves by requiring that we go through a particular process, then they take it through their project handlers. Then, they handle interactions, but that is not the case here. I am real that I saved a lot of money by working that way, by matching their needs over my expertness set. I didn’t have to fit into a cookie cutter mold. They adapted themselves to what I was good at and completioned what our structure was good with their competencies. That takes some flexibility owing seebody is going to go into a organisation like Narola with their own set of completionary expertnesss. The best thing is to match it with the best fit. They allowed that, and I was delighted with them.

Narola also complimented us with the testing. We didn’t have good testing, so I told them we would put the testing unitedly. They were big. They also always liberateed what they said they would liberate, which is amazing. They were very good.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or that you might do differently?

Some things you don’t see owing you end up patching it occurred. We worked with them fairly narrowly, and we have three nation with a lot of background. We',re veterans in the activity. We knew how to present and form documentation. They said that we gave them more detail, down to the renderings of see one page than any other client did. We gave them very complete Web labor definitions and UI [user interface] definitions, seething was well detailed. I liked that they didn’t challenge it and took what we gave them. They were pliant.

I never asked them for something that they didn’t do owing I asked them carefully. If there was a downside to our relationship, they didn’t harmonize their times to match our time zone. A lot of nation will work on a U.S. daily calendar, they worked on an Indian IST [Indian Standard Time] daily calendar. That’s good. That would have been good if they had.