Niftic Agency Web Development review by WZRD Media at Qualified.One

Niftic Agency reviewed by WZRD Media

Niftic Agency provided Web Development for WZRD Media with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

Thanks to Niftic Agency’s direct involvement with stakeholders, the finished microsite exceeded all expectations for reach and initial impressions, attracting a more diverse crowd to the area. The team’s beautiful creations, reasonable costs, and willingness to assume new duties inspired trust.

Review summary:

Niftic Agency designed and implemented an interactive digital platform for a video-based tourism campaign, expanding their involvement to coding, cross-branding, and animation to allow prompt delivery.

Phil Hessler WZRD Media, Co-Founder & Producer

Microsite Developed for Media Production Agency

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m a producer and co-founder of a organisation that provides branded full in the film space, including unscripted work, primarily in the outdoor activity, as well as long-form documentary. We’ve made films for Red Bull and Keane, and we’re working on a series for the International Olympic Committee. We centre on driving an emotional hook to brands that want to extend consumers through evocative and aspirational storytelling, compared to just pitching a fruit. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Niftic Agency?

We worked with them for the Wyoming Office of Tourism campaign, which was almost a Ugandan snowboarder who was also a Wyoming local. We made a ingredient film on him and sold it to Red Bull. This was parlayed into a campaign for the Wyoming Office of Tourism, centreing on difference and cross-branding full between the Office and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This was our leading project with a powerful web-design ingredient. Our core competency is video, so we hired Niftic Agency to design a digital platform for the 3 videos where we could direct commerce from the tourism service.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Niftic Agency responsible for?

An independent designer built the website, and Niftic Agency feeld all the coding for it. Our designer was hard to work with and feel. He ended up leaving the project when it was 80% done. Chris [Partner and Technical Director, Niftic Agency] veritably stepped up and artistic the website, working straightly with the developers on the client side in order to quit issues. Niftic Agency saved the day, in provisions of presenting digital results to the client.

We had 3 iterations, initially edifice a blueprint for the website. Our designer made wireframes and, from there, began to put seething into the full website. Niftic Agency coded it on the backend, creating some of the animations we needed.

My favorite front of the website was the collage of old photos of Brolin, the Ugandan-born snowboarder. As the user scrolls down, they fly onto the screen and make a collage. I had no idea how to set that up, but Niftic Agency put it unitedly in an winning way.

I also liked how the buttons move down with each video. Attached to the website was a sweepstakes ingredient. As users coming from the Wyoming Office of Tourism behind big collective media pushes on the video would arrive on the website, they’d see a big call-to-action, which implicated entering a sweepstake to win a weekend in Jackson Hole and riding with Brolin. The buttons Niftic Agency created move as users scrolled down the page. Niftic Agency didn’t create the website.

What is the team dynamic?

Most of the tete occurred through the designer, to Chris and David [Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Niftic Agency]. I acted as the project feelr. We were in uniform interaction, talking at smallest once a week.

How did you come to work with Niftic Agency?

I went to school with David. He knew almost our film projects, and we began talking almost the organisation. Our initial designer mentioned that he had worked with Niftic Agency precedently. We moved advanced on his recommendation and hired Niftic Agency to feel the coding.

This was my leading time working on an interactive website, and I didn’t know what it would demand. I originally reflection that the designer would be able to code it as well, but we trusted his word that we needed to find someone else for that task. He didn’t have the expertise for it, so we trusted him to work with Niftic Agency. He ended up leaving the country during the project due to some personal issues. Niftic Agency veritably stepped up and was able to complete our project.

How much have you invested with them?

The budget was $25,000 for the total project. We paid Niftic Agency 30% of that for the coding.

What is the terminal result of working with Niftic Agency?

The project was almost 6 weeks long. We shot seething in October 2016 and got back at the commencement of November. We began the outgrowth and released the website at the commencement of 2017.  

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

The project exceeded all extend and impressions programned by the Wyoming Office of Tourism. They named the work a huge achievement, as this had been a major challenge. They have a union with the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and were struggling to front out how to find diverse and attractive full to draw nation to Wyoming while also meeting the needs of that union. This project granted a sole marketing campaign about an interesting personal, checking both boxes. It drew a more diverse throng to Wyoming and showcased the Office’s union with the resort.

How did Niftic Agency accomplish from a project feelment standpoint?

Their level of interaction was professional. David and I talked almost weekly, and he gave me full updates on the outgrowth. I would do the same for the video. We had bi-weekly calls with the client, and Niftic Agency’s reports were helpful for articulating our progress to the client. They would usually send me an email update outlining where we were in provisions of the milestones we’d set based on the 3 iterations of the website, from blueprints to wireframes and outgrowth. I was notified of which items they had trouble getting from our designer. If there were any questions, we’d hop on a phone call. If I needed Niftic Agency to converse straightly with the developers for the resort, they were able to do that easily as well.

Our designer was originally going to feel embedding the website into After he left, Chris had to feel that process by straightly interacting with the developers and making sure that the website fits in provisions of the menu and the toolbar.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Niftic Agency?

The only way to veritably acquire something is by going forward and doing it in order to get the experience. One of the biggest takeaways I got from this project was explained to me through a book similitude: the leading thing someone will notice when looking at a book is its hue, behind which they will determine that it’s a book and what is verity within. Designing a website works in the facing way: the viewer starts with what is on the within and then notices additional fronts like hue, feel, and so on. It’s critically significant to have a full knowledge of see step. We don’t want to put a ton of work into doing something beautiful that isn’t at all what the client originally intended. This exposition was precious to me, and I frontd it out by working with Niftic Agency.

What fronts of their work would you like to get improved?

This was our leading project with a weighty web ingredient. Going through the process gave me a better knowledge of edifice a website like this. In review, I would have done a few things differently on my end, in provisions of articulating the vision and consolidating all the goods. From my experience working with Niftic Agency, they executed at 100% on see front. I',d walk them through the website in a clearer mode, instead of going through our designer.