Ruby-Collins General Contractors: North Street Creative Branding project at Qualified.One

Ruby-Collins General Contractors by North Street Creative

Some details

Ruby-Collins is an award-winning design-build construction firm with more than six decades of experience and $1.2B in completed projects.

Despite their experience and success, Ruby-Collins’ existing branding and marketing materials were dated and visually disjointed. The company required an identity refresh that accurately represented their heritage and expertise, and maintained visual consistency from their corporate

headquarters to the job site.

We modernized their logo into a distinctive design that looks and feels like a natural evolution of their existing branding. The old Ruby-Collins logo was limited in its applications, so we introduced a new “RC” logomark suited for everything from social media avatars to hard hats.

The design system we constructed is a reflection of the work they perform — meticulous, utilitarian, and built to last.

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