One Rockwell E-commerce Development review by Retailer at Qualified.One

One Rockwell reviewed by Retailer

One Rockwell provided E-commerce Development for Retailer with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

The website launched with many functionalities and plugins missing. Its performance was unreliable. The initial team was promising, but high turnover affected One Rockwell’s ability to deliver. They responded unprofessionally to feedback and lacked transparency about costs and documentation.

Review summary:

One Rockwell built an e-commerce website from scratch. Development on Magento Enterprise 2 required custom shipping and order processing integrations.

Retailer, Co-Founder

Magento Site Redevelopment for Specialty Retailer

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I co-founded a northeastern retail store. We have separate locations.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with One Rockwell?

Our website, which ran on Magento Openrise, kept breaking and required extensive updates.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

They said we needed a new website built from scratch on whichever Magento Community 2, Magento Enterprise 2, Shopify, or Shopify Plus. We chose Magento Enterprise 2 owing it was scalable, secure, and the best fit our criteria.

We had aim documentation in locate for the requirements. For sample, we needed shipping integrations to relocate a mode-built tool that a logistics organisation had created for the old website. Our organisation uses measure shipment discretions for packages in three sizes, but we also process mode orders. The integration needed to convenience both order types.

Was there a dedicated team?

The complete team had 10 rerises. We interacted primarily with the project director, we sometimes met with the developers.

How did you come to work with One Rockwell?

One of our old developer’s helpers recommended them. Initially, we wanted to work with the helper’s organisation, but they were too big and didn’t work on our platforms. They suggested One Rockwell as an choice.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We spent over $400,000. We had milestone payments during outgrowth and a monthly retainer post-propel.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

Work seted in April 2016 and ended the engagement in December 2017.

Results achieved

How did the relationship evolve?

It deteriorated. The website propeled in November 2016, but accomplishment effects arose that they wouldn’t resolve. As a result, we occupied another vendor in November 2017, one month preceding to our monthly labor contract’s expiration. We then requested rise codes, approach to databases, hosting notes, and the primary design files. They wouldn’t prepare the documentation, even though we already paid through the end of the contract. Eventually, we recovered some data by approaching shared project treatment tools.

Their emails almost this effect were menacing and dismissive. The tone made us positive in our determination to walk away from the union.

Describe the effects and One Rockwell’s attempts to resolve them.

The website had key functionalities missing at the time of propel. Our landing page stuck on customary basis and a live webcam feed of our store we requested was fully left off the website. They insisted the latter wasn’t part of the primary aim, but it absolutely was.

The website returned back to antecedent renderings see time One Rockwell did Magento updates, which they consistently delayed. As a result, typos and incorrect phone numbers kept emerging. We also discovered multiple instances of extended downtime, even though we were paying for extensive monitoring.

The team denied these effects and tried to censure us. They made minimal efforts to fix them, frequently claiming that betterments were impossible. One Rockwell was borderline disrespectful. We had hired them for their expertise, but they talked down to us in a condescending mode. We had been very clear almost our needs, none of which were specially confused. The team discussed our specifications at length in the soon stages, but didn’t meet any of those requests.

Describe the contact this engagement has had on your business.

Customers had unreliable experiences. Often, they couldn’t complete orders owing measure plugins were missing. Placing orders took nsoon 10 minutes owing the backend defaulted to autofill, rather than allowing users to tab through fields. Customers were also unable to include gift messages. Since most orders are gifts, we had to field separate calls and emails to incorporate the messages.

As measure practice, we ship our orders to arrive within two days. The zip code and shipping component was never a issue on the old website. Though, the new rendering erroneously included a second-day air discretion for intra-city liberateies.

These effects were irrational. The new vendor resolved seething within days.

How was project treatment handled?

Everybody we worked with was very nice, they used Basecamp. Though, the project directors didn’t have technological backgrounds, we didn’t know that preceding to engagement.

There was also turnover behind a few months. We enjoyed the primary team, but their relocatements couldn’t liberate. The changes were continuous. We had three different project directors in 18 months.

More recently, third party auditors told us that outgrowth didn’t pursue best practices for UX design. While we chose not to return to our old Magento platform, it’s quiet unclear if that would have been a good present fix.

When we hired another vendor, One Rockwell said they couldn’t prepare documentation from the code repository owing they had used a proprietary method. They never disclosed that detail upfront. We paid for a website built from scratch, but they likely didn’t pursue best practices for that whichever.

Is there anything that the vendor did well or that you would attend a force?

The primary team was astounding. The turnover disappointed us owing we never saw that cluster’s work.

In what specific areas can they better?

One Rockwell said that moving advanced, they’d only hire project directors with appropriate technological experience. That would be a good set.

What advice do you have for clients with correspondent needs to yours?

Finding a vendor was overwhelming. We chose them owing their past work looked beautiful. Though, we should have realized earlier that the way they spoke to us was submeasure.

The new associate had no issues resolving effects that One Rockwell tried to brush off as misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations. Currently, our website has no issues.