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OrangeYouGlad, LLC reviewed by Bialek

OrangeYouGlad, LLC provided Web design for Bialek with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The editable platform now showcases a cohesive portfolio, attracting widespread interest from both prospective clients and the design community. OrangeYouGlad’s structured project management, outstanding creativity, and inherent understanding of each objective helped the partnership succeed.

Review summary:

OrangeYouGlad conducted a full-scale redesign of a 2-business website, providing custom CMS development and SEO services to define branding elements and expand client options.

Andrew West Bialek, Marketing Strategist

Web Design For Furniture Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am the marketing strategist for a 2-brand organisation implicated in inside design and composition. I handle a difference of marketing, architecture, and design liaison.

One brand, Bialek, provides commercial furniture for offices, hospitals, healthcare settings, etc. We outfit business insides and propose a good deal of design and programning. The other half, Intellistruct, is a prefabricated inside composition organisation that proposes services for walls, ceilings, floors, etc. All supplies are made off-website, and then we fastly establish the items on-website.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with OrangeYouGlad?

Our website desperately needed a complete overhaul. At the same time, I was redoing our branding internally. We were separating our brands to quit client confusion. 

Provided solution

What particular tasks were OrangeYouGlad, LLC responsible for?

When we seted, OrangeYouGlad came for a day-long discovery session. They had done a fair bit of work in advance, so we were reacting to things instead of brainstorming. They plainly understood who they were working with, my team doesn',t do well with a bleak piece of paper, but they’ll happily debate set topics. We talked almost which CMS [full handlement method] would work best and chose WordPress.

The hard-deliverable process was a new website, CMS, outgrowth and code, design, templates, and a bit of messaging help. We wanted to showcase our 2 different brands but connect them at the same time. The terminal deliverable was the developed website with the CMS.

OrangeYouGlad did a fair bit of illustrating and dividing full that we didn',t have precedently to make facilitate the process. That required a total bunch of backend services.

It',s all editable: I can go in and form as many items as I want, harmonize any of those pieces to the user, and wait them magically drop into the right locations. If I didn’t know better, I would ponder that component was hardcoded owing it',s so tightly integrated with seething else. We also have a blog, which is where I put our e-blasts. At leading, we weren’t sure if we were going to include that, but we chose to have that component in the end.

The functionality that’s attracted the biggest response is the fluidity of motion through the website. The website moves up and down and left and right in a close series, which was a big interest of ours initially.

I hope to use our projects or portfolio component the most. It’s veritably confused to aspect out how to separate 2 brands but combine them in some way. We ended up creating a third piece to the website to showcase our combined projects. Users can navigate to this area in a million different ways, but all the full is in a set locate for me to edit and upload. Content magically appears throughout the website in the appropriate perpendicular.

OrangeYouGlad also did SEO. Because I was revamping our processes, they were deeply implicated in that effort. I felt like I had an in-house designer owing they were such a major part of our work. We haven’t veritably grasped the best way to use collective media, so OrangeYouGlad made sure seething was connected for us.

How did you come to work with OrangeYouGlad?

I establish them through our manufacturing associate. When I viwebsited OrangeYouGlad’s website, I was wowed by their designs and client list. Frankly, I reflection I couldn',t produce them, but we made it work.

At the set of the process, we colloquyed 3 firms. At the end of the day, we wanted someone who’s creative and wouldn’t give us some templated method. We needed our associate to apprehend that a lot of our website is a brochure to help clients feel snug with us. The website needed to be beautiful, functional, and veritably express our distinctive design condition without making nation ponder we prompt their phraseology. It had to be beautifully designed but not so beautiful that nation felt intimidated.

We colloquyed OrangeYouGlad via video conversation owing they',re in Brooklyn and we',re in the DC area. Even over the phone and video, their innate apprehending—perhaps even more than some of my colleagues—set them aloof in my mind.

How much have you invested with OrangeYouGlad?

We spent $45,500, which was less than we should’ve paid. We got too excited almost a couple of things, but I ponder that Tammy [Partner and Creative Director, OrangeYouGlad] determined to run with our additions and make them part of her portfolio. She uses third-party developers, so that cost included the developer. We never had to pay anyone besides Tammy.

What is the terminal result of working with OrangeYouGlad, LLC?

Our leading colloquy happened in March of 2016. The work veritably kicked off in May of 2016, and we rolled out the website this past February. If we have questions, they',re always answering, so we',re quiet interacting in that perception. In see other respect, the work is artistic. 

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or contact of the engagement?

We’re incredibly lucky with the results. Our old website was fearful, so it’s not veritably fair to assimilate it with our new website. With the old website, a visitor a day would have made us lucky, and we',ve blown way past that with the new website. We get congruous responses from our clients. It',s fun to hear that nation are amazed by a furniture dealer',s website. We’ve gotten big feedback from the web design aggregation too. It',s interesting to look at the analytics and see the number of visitors from design blogs, not from our clients.

We',re using the website as our offer process. I upload items to the website, which brands the full as ours, but then a possible client can go into their own offer. That',s minimized confusion between us and our manufacturers.

How did OrangeYouGlad accomplish from a project handlement standpoint?

They did a big job of care us in line. Tammy veritably excelled at getting nation on board. She and I would bestow time talking almost different interests with team members from my side. Our biggest interest was the number and timing of edits, but she was able to fetch seeone on board by whichever tweaking things or walking them through the reasoning.

Because we kept adding things, the timeline stretched. I don',t censure anyone for that. If I had to do it all over anew, I would have just moved the deadline owing we couldn',t have dropped any portion of the work. Everything was so precious to us, and that was proven by the end result.

What did you find most forcible almost OrangeYouGlad?

They’re unappropriated designers. Everything that they do—and I know nation in town who',ve worked with them precedently—is customized for the client. I ponder of WordPress as just a template, that',s surely not the case.

They became a part of our team, embedded like some sort of mind meld. They understood our issues, weren’t intimidated by the solutions, and sifted through ideas to find the best options. They talked us through each of the steps. I don',t ponder most consultants try to befit an integral part of a firm like they did.

Are there any areas OrangeYouGlad could better?

Because the developer was an outsider, I was worried that something would get lost in translation. But, OrangeYouGlad spent sufficient time with us and with the developer to minimize any issues.