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About Plaidypus, Inc. Design company in Naperville, United States

Plaidypus designs and creates custom software and mobile apps for business.  Not all off-the-shelf software was designed for your company --- this is where we come in.  From intake and prototyping to consistently delivering production-ready code, Plaidypu

A few definitions before we get into the Plaidypus tale:

Now that you know this you may also want know that the platypus (the one in nature) is one of the most unique mammals in on the planet. We dont tell you this to show how awesome we are we tell you this because we chose the Plaidypus as our name and mascot to remind us how unique and different each of our customers are. We want to know what makes your organization tick how it makes you unique and how we can build amazing software to suit your world.

Getting software to rise to a challenge has always been our wheelhouse. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know our customers businesses seeing what makes them stand out and enabling them to capitalize on those traits. Good software is not only about the technology – more than anything its about the people using it.

Plaidypus was founded in 2004 and created its first piece of software to help coordinate tenants for a short-term furnished housing operation in Chicago. Since that time Plaidypus has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries: Aviation Publishing Healthcare Manufacturing Transportation Logistics Tech Start-up Non-Profit K-12 Education Pre-K Education Retail eCommerce Construction Real Estate Government and a wide variety of service industries.

Plaidypus makes amazing software and mobile apps so our customers have tools that fit their processes like a glove.

Whether you need an iOS or Android app, web application, systems integration or all of the above, we use our extensive experience and know-how to help you get your project over the finish line on-budget and on-time.