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Planet Argon E-commerce Development services in Portland

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E-commerce Development costs at Planet Argon

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Template ecommerce website
  • System integration
  • Checkout workflow
  • Bulk operations

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Template customization
  • Dedicated rep
  • System integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Support service
  • Checkout workflow
  • Customer profile
  • Bulk operations
  • Snippets and markup

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Ecommerce web design
  • Dedicated rep
  • System integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Code 
  • Support service
  • Payment gateaway
  • Ecommerce digital marketing
  • Checkout workflow
  • Multilingual storefront
  • Customer profile
  • Bulk operations
  • Snippets and markup
  • Sales and financial reports
  • Tax calculation

Planet Argon key services in Portland

Planet Argon ecommerce development services in Portland

We focus on high-performing, easy-to-use online store development with solid SEO foundation and UI/UX ecommerce website design.

Planet Argon WooCommerce developers in Portland

We provide high-experienced WordPress development services and also deal with Magento, Shopify and other platforms. It is highly reccommended to contact our specialist in Portland before making a decision concerning CMS: a lot of peculiarities are to be taken into account.

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Best E-commerce Development agency Planet Argon in Portland

Ecommerce website design in Portland

Unlike the most corporate websites in United States, online store is often the key instrument for company to generate sales and revenue. That is why ecommerce development is more complicated and requires high-skilled professionals, starting from UX engineer, UI designer and to web developers and digital marketers.

Portland firms tend to increase online sales from year to year: it's a susnainable, long-term trend that is confirmed by United States stats.

Portland ecommerce digital marketing

The apparent difference between a e-commerce website (online shop) and a typical corporate site is the number of pages: whereas a company website usually consists of 10-100 pages, for a e-shop it's crucial to have all the goods and items showed at separate pages, which leads to thousands (and sometimes millions) of pages.

Digital marketing for a ecommerce website therefore differs as well. To promote your online store you also need to organize a user-friendly filter allowing users to navigate easily across the categories and products. Catalogue is also to be fine-tuned for SEO purposes.

E-Commerce website development in Portland

There are thousands of platforms and content management systems (CMS) used to deploy an online store. The most popular are Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce (WordPress). Here is an extended list:

  • Shopify (and Shopify Plus)
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Big Cartel
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Volusion

A dedication to our clients and culture has helped Planet Argon grow from humble beginnings in a Portland apartment to client relationships with some of the biggest names in tech education health and beyond. We believe our values should guide our partnerships which has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships where we function as a trusted extension of the team.

If youre seeking an invested technical partner to set your ambitious ideas in motion and help scale your business to new heights you#39;re in the right place. You can trust us to make it happen.

From a one-man shop in a Portland apartment in 2002 to the agency it is today here is our story.

Each year we reflect on the previous 365 days of growth and change. See the movies restaurants apps and more that we loved in 2018.

A natural curiosity for the undiscovered results in remarkable work for our clients – and stronger connections for our team. We ask questions learn and aren#39;t afraid to fail.

We choose to set a mindful positive tone that allows everyone to flourish.

We readily adapt to change and encourage innovation because our team and work are transparent and flexible.

Feel like youre hitting a wall with your existing software projects? Thats why we created the Maintainable software podcast. In each episode Robby speaks with seasoned practitioners who have worked through technical debt and legacy code challenges.

Contributing to the open-source web community is in our DNA. We encourage sharing our knowledge with others so we can improve the way we work - together. See our collection of open-sourced internal projects and industry contributions.

Our studio is in the Radiator Building part of the One North complex in the heart of North Portlands lively Boise neighborhood. We are just a short walk from some of our citys most well-loved eateries coffee shops and boutiques as well as the friendlist neighborhood grocery store. Were also a quick bike or bus ride from almost anywhere in Portland.