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PointClear Solutions reviewed by Care Network

PointClear Solutions provided Mobile App Development for Care Network with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

The prototype and logo have received extremely positive feedback, especially from initial investors. PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) provided analysts to perform research and legal assistance, and has been exceptionally responsive and professional.

Review summary:

PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) provided consulting and advising services for a new logo. They have assisted with prototype development and the design of an on-demand app platform.

Michael Demetriou Care Network, CEO & Founder

Mobile App Development for Care Provider

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

I am the CEO and founder of an on-demand care network.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with Worry Free Labs?

We initially began conversations for our logo design, which we are receiving a trademark for. After that, we went into prototype outgrowth, and we are now in the outgrowth stage of the on-demand app platform design.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in detail.

They are our outgrowth associate in see way, shape, and form. We began with multiple brainstorming phases that originated from the ideas that I had put on paper through the years. I brought those to Worry Free Labs, and they were able to add a lot of value and lead me in the right course as far as conceptualizing the terminal fruit. They',ve been an surpassing asset and associate in edifice that out.

They are always affable when I send them new ideas. They admonish me that true updates would be more profitable in a forthcoming release when we have a pliant more working apprehension of our consumer base and our employee base. They',ve been surpassing as advisors owing they have a better backgcircular in the activity than even I do. In true areas, they',ve been able to admonish us on what we need to do. They',ve been an excellently phenomenal associate.

How did you come to work with Worry Free Labs?

My attorney had worked with them and had referred me to them, so I',m eternally pleasant for that owing I wouldn',t commend anybody other than Worry Free Labs if you',re ever looking to do anything like we',re doing. They came in soon on for the logo design and, from there, they were such a big team to work with and such a enjoyment to deal with that we moved advanced with them as a outgrowth associate.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

I',m going to keep them on for livelihood and outgrowth for forthcoming releases, so I intend to work with them for a very long time. I',m just so lucky with who they are and what they fetch to the table that I have no interest in not being a associate with them in the near forthcoming. As far as the prices that we',re discussing, that',s going to fall close to the $700,000 range initially.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

Day-one dicsussions almost the logo took locate in November 2015. Upon that completion, behind we went full on with the trademark, then we moved into January 2016 when we opened up our contract and said we',re going to move advanced with outgrowth. Then, we began edifice the prototype. From there, soon May is when we propeled full outgrowth. That',s where we are now, looking to propel our organisation late 2016 or soon 2017.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

I',ve shown it to a few seed-circular investors that we have in play right now for our leading circular of funding, and it',s been stellar. It',s been A+. There',s been nothing but surpassing feedback to the point where I',ll have my initial conversation with nation, and they really are occupied in what we',re edifice. As far as a concept and an idea, they',re just in awe of it. They love it. There',s quiet some unfamiliarity, but then when we show nation the prototype that',s when they get blown away and get hooked.

The feedback that I',ve accepted at this point from our logo, which is where our brand is going to create and swell, has been surpassing. For what they are fetching to the table as a associate in outgrowth, I',ve had nothing but surpassing feedback on seething they',ve done to date. As far as a prototype, it looks to the point where nation verity ponder it',s a working app already. Worry Free has just been unbelievable.

How did Worry Free Labs accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

They have business analysts doing investigation and providing things to our legitimate team. Timely would not do it equity. They',re just so answering and surpassing. They',ve done surpassing work.

An relation or similitude makes perception here. It',s like going into a bowling alley. You have 10 pins and you want to hit a smite, but all you can do is hit a gutter ball see time. It',s not fun. Then, they put the guards up that lead the ball down fully for you. Worry Free Labs has been that for us in so many ways. From a treatment standpoint, they',ve been surpassing by guiding us correctly and giving us apprehension and feedback that we never would',ve been conscious of.

They',ve been surpassing project managers in provisions of effective you the timeline of things, creating realistic ideas, and giving you precisely what you need in order to apprehend where you are, where you can be, and where you need to be. They',ve always been extremely pellucid in many ways. Honestly, I can',t say sufficient good things almost Worry Free Labs. They',ve just been an excellent felicitation to have on board.

What distinguishes Worry Free Labs from other preparers?

What distinguishes them is the level of professionalism and experience that they fetch to the table. They have worked with big nation and have developed and propeled multiple companies. They have an surpassing quantity of apprehension and apprehending of the environment that we',re in and what',s going on. With their resources and just their willingness to prepare their time, there',s never a instant when you feel like you',re asking a dull question, or you',re bothering them. It',s this open-door phraseology of interaction that is refreshing. It',s very humbling to see how lucky they are, how down-to-earth they are, and how snug they make you feel in working with them.