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PointClear Solutions reviewed by Mobile App Startup

PointClear Solutions provided UI/UX Design for Mobile App Startup with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The app now has a much simpler and more user-friendly interface and experience. PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) provided honest feedback and timely updates, and is highly recommended.

Review summary:

PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) improved the UI/UX and overall workflow of the client’s start-up mobile app. They also developed a clickable wireframe for the client to present to investors.

Mobile App Startup, Founder

Mobile Startup UX/UI Stategy Redesign

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Introductory information

The client is a mobile app startup in New York City.

Desired goal

We approached Worry Free Labs with a beta fruit that functionally worked, but the user experience and design needed a grave facelift. We granted them with a long list of ideas and user feedback, and they worked diligently to determine how we best needed to better the overall user flow of the app. The centre was on a clean, single, and easy-to-use fruit.

We approached Worry Free Labs with a basic idea for our app and single wireframes, and they fully enhanced the complete UX/UI [user experience/user interface] and overall workflow. We granted some input and had some calls to debate our vision, but they added grave value when it came to executing and designing a new UX.

Provided solution

The result was a much singler and easy to use interface and user experience. They were very fast to update us with any changes, their feedback was honorable, and they granted us a clickable wireframe so we could take it to investors and present the forthcoming of our app. They are a hidden gem in New York City and they have a hard team on both the UX/UI side as well as outgrowth.

Results achieved

I would wonderfully commend them and the breast line is that clients are in very good hands with Paul [Choi, CEO and ruler at Worry Free Labs] and the complete Worry Free Labs team.