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PointClear Solutions reviewed by Technology Startup

PointClear Solutions provided UI/UX Design for Technology Startup with approximate budget = Confidential.

PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) offered extensive expertise in UI/UX capabilities and produced high-quality results. The team worked well together to deliver a high caliber of work, communicate regularly, and consistently meet deadlines.

Review summary:

PointClear Solutions (formerly Worry Free Labs) collaborated on a mobile consulting project. The team provided UI/UX services as well as limited coding.

Technology Startup, CEO

UI/UX Strategy & Design for Startup

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Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

We are disrupting the U.S. locksmith activity with robotics and mobile technology.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I’m the CEO.

Desired goal

What was your goal for the work with Worry Free Labs?

We occupied with them on a mobile consulting project. 

Provided solution

Can you delight draw the aim of their work in a bit more detail? Was it just the consulting or was there any outgrowth or training work implicated?

The specific project encompassed the UI/UX work as well as some coding on their part.

What was your process for selecting them?

We looked at a total bunch of firms and we were impressed with those guys and ended up going with Worry Free.

Can you prepare a perception of the size of the start with a general cost range?

I’m not snug giving that information.

When was the project completed?

It was completed mid-last year [2013].

Results achieved

How did Worry Free Labs accomplish?

We’re very delightd with their work. I’m lucky with the result of deliverables.

Do you have any statistics or metrics that you could share from the project?

I’m not snug giving any specific accomplishance stats.

Is there anything else sole or particular almost Worry Free Labs that stands out as sole compared to other IT firms?

We veritably like their UI/UX capabilities, and they have a very hard team. We’re very lucky with the caliber of work, interaction, and power to meet deadlines. It was surely a good experience. 

Is there anything that you ponder they could better upon or something you might do differently looking back?

No. I do not have a comment on that.