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Posse reviewed by Apartment Rental Company

Posse provided Mobile App Development for Apartment Rental Company with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Posse delivers excellent results in a professional and timely manner. Their designs are second to none.

Review summary:

Posse designed and developed iOS and Android app for an apartment rental company.

Apartment Rental Company, CEO

App Development for Apartment Rental Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We help nation find rental homes. Our claim to fame is we have far more listings than anyone else in any market that we’ll propel in. We propel in January. I’m the chief executive official and co-establisher.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Posse?

They helped us do a major revamp of our prototype app to get prompt for propel and the outgrowth for both Android and iOS.|

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Posse responsible for?

We talked a lot almost the business and almost the fruit and what we’ve conversant from our clients. Based on that information, we set out to form a design for Android, make adjustments and do a complete 180 revamp with Posse. Once we artistic the process of the design work, Posse developed our Android and iOS app.

How did you come to work with Posse?

I establish Posse on Google a few times owing they’re based here in New York City and they had done a lot of work for some big names like Jet.com. We vibed very well. They share our vision and our idea, and their interaction process is correspondent to ours, which is what we like to call original transparency. We began with the design, they did a fantastic job, and we then determined to give them the outgrowth.

How much have you invested with Posse?

It was in the hundreds of thousands.

What is the terminal result of working with Posse?

I’ve been working with Posse for almost six or seven months.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

First of all, Posse’s design is second to none. This isn’t my leading rodeo, I began and sold off my last tech organisation. I’ve worked with and seen a range of outgrowth and design. Posse is one of those companies that I just met at the best time and when they are the consummate size. The condition of their work is what price-wise you would pay for a reward firm, but they are better.

How did Posse accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Posse is self-directed and doesn’t demand a ton of input. The input they demand, they get from you in a very condensed, organized and soon form. They don’t ruin time, and you can tell they bestow a lot of time even precedently discussing something with you trying to issue-solve it themselves so that they end up knowledge it. These are the kind of guys you want working for you.

What did you find most forcible almost Posse?

Posse delivers fastly, delivers soon, delivers below budget, and is extremely professional. There is never a lack of professionalism, and that’s very sole. I was looking to innately buy out their complete firm to have them all work for me full time. That’s how good they are. These guys are really good.

There are two guys there, one is with their design team, Coy, and then David who I deal with at Posse. I can name the team by core owing they are fantastic. David is the kind of guy that would be a no-brainer for me to hire. If he were starting any organisation, I would bet money on him owing he’s so good.

Are there any areas Posse could better?

Normally I have something owing I ponder it’s significant to be honorable, especially to maintain the uprightness of your organisation. I have not one bad thing, not even remotely bad. That’s how good these nation are. In a time of seven months when you’re designing and developing something, it’s regular that they’ve made mistakes. They might lose a piece of feedback that I gave them for a design, but It’s never anything major. If I mention it to them, the way they feel that mistake in resolving it and their posture when discussing it is mature, professional, and shows emotional intelligence.