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We focus our energies on what will make your brand resonate with customers. It's a strategy, a feeling, and much more than a well-designed logo.

A big picture guy that loves learning the nitty-gritty of clients businesses Spends his days managing Primer Grey and client accounts An outdoorsman that doesnt spend enough time there Golf ball hacker_ first grade-level reading tutor_ and part-time toddler wrangler <_p>

You can always depend on Henry to either bring laughter or awkward silence to a conversation Hes a diehard Houston Rockets fan that would like to rebrand them He is an AIGA Houston board member You can also find him talking about starting his own comic book but thats been for a while now…<_p>

Rachel is the quiet kid at the back of the classroom that likes to people watch and make witty remarks under her breath Shes a closet nerd_ music junkie_ and unicorn enthusiast When she isnt spreading glitter and rainbows_ she helps out on the AIGA Houston board <_p>

Austin has done a little bit of everything_ from teaching high school to climbing into spacecraft just to get that perfect shot You can usually find him at the beach with a surfboard_ tent_ and a telescope – or trying to figure out how to play boardgames in a bar <_p>

Hailing from the Land of Enchantment_ Madi came to Houston to conquer the art scene_ mapping out the city_ and most importantly learning and ranking the seemingly infinite supply of local restaurants <_p>

Boba is the resident office pup When he isnt running up and down the stairs or alerting the office of people_ he can usually be found gazing out the window or constantly dropping the ball for a game of fetch <_p>

Primer Grey is a full-service branding agency in Houston’s East End with a history of developing brand and web experiences for the public, private, and non-profit arenas in a consciously mixed set of industries. We are small on purpose, choosing to focus