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About Randall Branding Agency Creative company in Richmond, United States

Our goal is to deliver razor-sharp strategy and memorable creative through thoughtful design and development. Were devoted to a diverse group of clientele and believe that successful relationships lead to successful results.

Jesse Randall our founder and President/Chief Creative Officer has emphasized working hard and delivering quality since opening the doors of Randall Branding Agency in 2011. Our current location in Shockoe Slip places us at the hub of Richmonds creative community where we continue to grow each year.

What began as a one-man shop has developed into a team of like-minded creatives committed to furthering Jesses vision. As our client portfolio grew Randall Branding Agency doubled its size in 2016. Todays team is passionate about intelligent branding solutions all-things Richmond and an occasional game of ping-pong.

The Randall team is really freakin good at what they do! We think they crushed it and we couldnt be happier with the results or the partnership. Yes we could have easily handled this in house but we were busy working with our awesome customers and the Randall team is really freakin good at what they do!

The entire Randall Branding Agency team knocked it out of the park!!!! I had a blast working on this with you guys amp; its like Christmas seeing it go live today.

The website truly looks incredible weve received so many compliments on it and some days I just truly cannot stop looking at it. Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work and dealing with our crazy team for the extended period of time that it took us to get everything perfect

You could say I started the Randall Branding Agency because I was hungry for more. With my background in graphic design Ive worked for a diverse set of clients; but I always felt a disconnect. I wanted to do more than design something that looked great — I wanted to design something that to help businesses reach their target audience and goals. Thats why Ive created an agency that focuses on you.

I am a professional gift-wrapper strategically deciding if you prefer shiny bows tousled ribbons or comic-section-wrapping paper. With a skill in communications I calculate each move to see what you and your clients see…or want to see. Over the last 5 years I have sharpened my talents while adapting to cultures and traditions nationwide from Maine to the bayous to the seashores of Highway 1 and the bioluminescent stars of Alaskan ocean waters.

I was born and raised on planet earth. I graduated from the graphic design department at VCU in 2012. When working on a project I use form color and typography to create order and beauty. I like that certain things — like leather jackets — become more beautiful as they naturally patina and age. In my free time I write songs and play guitar in a band called The Wimps.

After serving in the Navy and owning a successful financial services business I decided it was time to pivot and chase my passion for all things digital and communications. As a Digital Strategist I love nothing more than digging into the inner workings of a business digital identity and finding ways for it to work better. In my free time I like exploring shipwrecks traveling and (staying true to my Canadian roots) eating poutine while watching Hockey. Go Senators!

Wed love to meet you.