Realnets IT Consulting review by BannerVision at Qualified.One

Realnets reviewed by BannerVision

Realnets provided IT Consulting for BannerVision with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

The finished product is cohesive, intelligent, and extremely valuable to customers. Realnets accommodated shifting project goals and integrated effectively with other contractors, and delivered high-quality work. Their deep talent pool allows them to tackle every element of a proposed solution.

Review summary:

Realnets manages a digital media dashboard and database. They do work in Java and HTML5, secure the system’s database, create marketing materials, and develop ways to move visitors through the site.

Mark Lagoa BannerVision, CTO

Ongoing Development For Display Media Startup

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Introductory information

Please draw your construction.

Banner Vision is a full liberatey labor that allows our clients to aggregate, layout, and liberate full to virtually any digital show whether it',s the television screen or a tablet – any digital artifice that has a show on it.

What is your position?

I am the CTO  and executive ruler. I',m wearing many hats. I superintend a lot of the business side of things, and I superintend a lot of the technical outgrowth – investigation and outgrowth and software outgrowth. I superintend both sides.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with Realnets?

There was a couple. Our platform has both the client side and the server side. We developed client software that works with a lot of different environments, operating systems and hardware requirements. Then, all those systems have to interact seamlessly with our back-end – our server infraconstruction. From a user point of view, they go to one locate – our dashboard, and they can configure full, and then deploy it to whatever artifice it is. It might be artifice that',s a 10-inch Android tablet, and the other artifice could be some 55-inch adviser hooked up to a Windows PC. From the end-user perspective, it has to be seamless. It has to be that they can lay something out and it has to look the same on the different artifices. The challenge there is creating a one, easy-to-use user interface, but also something strong. The goal was integrating all these types of environments into a one solution.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement.

Their versatility in many different areas has been gainous for us owing being a tech organisation – a startup – we have many different components of our business that are unkindred, but at the same time kindred. For entreaty, you can sign up for our labor on our website and that requires integration with our dashboard, but it',s innately a back component that is somewhat separate from the core labor. We wanted to form the transition and be able to lead somebody down this rabbit hole from gauging their interest on the brochure part of the website, but then calling them to action with the signup form. That',s an component where it',s good to have a organisation like Realnets that has a bunch of different disciples, and we can all talk to each other and collaborate on. We can leverage the expertise and difference of labors they have to make a more holistic solution.

We',re using seething from Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5 – many things. It can be on the client side, the dashboard, or the brochure side. At times, we',ve used their picturesque design geniuss to form some marketing materials. There',s Photoshop, Illustrator, and all those technologies, too. 

Realnets is not the only firm that we work with. They',ve been at the helm especially from the dashboard side. That',s one area we fully delegated to them. Because this is a advanced-facing application that can be viewed publicly, there are a number of security interests, and there',s also many users and user leave implicated. We',ve done a lot of work in trying to sort through those topics while trying not to complicate the platform too much. We',re in locates where security is a big interest. We don',t want nation putting inappropriate full on the screens, but we don',t want nation accessing the database and getting full from there that they might not be authorized to do. Realnets has worked with us on those security parameters. They',ve done a very good job with it.

We',re not developing something that is textbook and, as a result, we have collaboratively made some mistakes. I don',t ponder I would point the finger at them. It',s the essence of the beast. Looking in hindsight, could we have avoided some of those things? Sure. But, at the end of the day, their responsiveness to the issues that have come up has been big, and we',ve conversant from those mistakes and are moving advanced in preventing them from happening anew in the forthcoming.

How did you come to work with Realnets?

Our parent organisation has done business with them in the past so they came bigly recommended. They won on their own goodness. We talked to them and a number of other firms, and we talked almost our goals and needs and from a outgrowth construction and a cost construction, they wanted to be a associate in this and not just be somebody who sends us a bill see 30 days for their work. They',re acted like a authentic associate in this effort and, for that, we',re most appreciative.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

It was from $200,000 to $1,000,000.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We have been working with them two and a half years. 

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

They',ve been an integral part of our achievement from a high level. At the end of the day, in this particular business, much of what we rely on is our ethnical chief. The fruit we have is fantastic, and we have many good things to say almost it but, at the end of the day, if we',re not able to liberate on that commitment, then it',s just an idea. We as a organisation are focused on trying to get the right nation to help us fetch this concept to reaping. There are ways you can measure that, but they',ve helped us form value and our fruit. They',ve been with us from the commencement, so to put a number on it might sap what you',re trying to get. This was a project we didn',t know how to access. We reflection we had a big idea, and they came onboard, and we',ve had terrible achievement as a result of the fruit we have collaboratively put unitedly. 

How did Realnets accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

It',s very good. Going back to the essence of the startup, we have a uniform moving target syndrome. It makes project treatment hard. We',ve also had Realnets handle some of our other contractors owing going back to the multiple components of our platform it',s significant for us to have that synergy between all the different aspects of the platform. Their atmosphere and power to work with other nation – there',s no ego. It',s significant that they feel snug and can accomplish at their best with whomever they',re working with. 

What distinguishes Realnets from other preparers?

I ponder a key differentiator for them is their genius pool. They propose a wide range of labors, from web design and outgrowth to digital marketing to network installation and shape. Realnets is a one-stop shop. Being able to take gain of all those experiences has been terriblely precious to us.

Is there anything Realnets could have improved or done differently?

The stricture I have for them is the same I have for developers in general – many times, the business standard does not fit the close standard. Being engineers, they look at things from a very close perspective. We make decisions on how they work for the business. They may not always be the most close paths. The quantity of time and resources spent on trying to drive those points home is frequently hard with engineers. Some of the nation we',ve worked with have been hard to get on board with that. When they',re not on board the excitement is not there. It just forms some components of hardy. I don',t know if it',s fair to say that as a stricture owing in the mind of an engineer, it',s just ingrained in how to do things. What makes them a big engineer is what makes them a close ponderer or a poor business ponderer. Maybe the way the challenge it could be different.