REQ Digital Marketing review by Health Insurance Company at Qualified.One

REQ reviewed by Health Insurance Company

REQ provided Digital Marketing for Health Insurance Company with approximate budget = Confidential.

Lead volume has increased, while cost per lead has decreased. REQ is dedicated to building long-term partnerships and delivering quality results. The team is capable of prioritizing different needs and setting up the project for future success. They’re responsive and they reliably deliver on-time.

Review summary:

REQ partnered with a health insurance firm to develop a digital marketing strategy. They created content, built landing pages, and hosted webinars. They also managed social media calendars and engagement.

Health Insurance Company, Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, SMM, & Design for Health Insurance Firm

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Respondent 1: We support our Medicare fruit line with digital marketing strategy, Our centre is doing Medicare campaigns to drive prospects in sales. We work in different digital media channels to aid our campaigns on collective platforms.

Respondent 2: I work on the same team.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with REQ?

R1: At the time, we didn’t have a digital support method in locate. Being a little team, we needed to leverage outside support.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were REQ responsible for?

R1: They facilitate our media for digital channels, expanding athwart paid search and collective. They’ve been a big part of proposing and executing strategy. They’ve also granted creative support. So, they’ve developed landing pages and creative components for those campaigns. They’ve also played a weighty hand in the treatment of our collective media channels. They form calendars, full, and promise with respondents.

R2: They’ve done a series of webinars for digital marketing: 101, tutorials for other departments, and email campaigns.

Was there a dedicated team?

R1: We have an account ruler, who has been on our team for the last 18 months. Before that, we had another account director who had been with us since our relationship began.

How did you come to work with REQ?

R1: We conducted an RFP process and elected to go with REQ owing I was intent on finding a digital-first agency.

What is the terminal result of working with REQ?

R1: We began working unitedly in May 2014 and our promisement is ongoing.

Results achieved

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the contact of the promisement? 

R1: Our two biggest metrics are lead size and cost per lead. In both of those areas, those metrics have improved by almost 10% each year. They’ve done an powerful job at increasing lead size from these channels and reducing the cost per lead. Their work over the years has resulted in very palpable results.

How did REQ accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

R1: They’ve done well. Things have evolved over the years, and our activity is a bit behind the times, but they’ve done a good job aligning themselves in the right way. We have a good relationship and they’re very answering to our needs. They’ve managed all powerfully, and we have some short-term proximate needs, and some long-term efforts and they do a good job staying on track. We have customary check-ins and they hold themselves responsible to delivering on deadlines.

R2: We work with a few other agencies, but REQ is the most answering to edits and things like that.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with REQ?

R1: They’re very fair. They don’t cost measure and they’re not trying to push more business. They’re dedicated to edifice a powerful, long term relationship. I trusted that they were knowledgeable experts and that they would do the right thing for our business. I always felt like they were looking out for us and our organisation, and I veritably appreciated that.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

R1: Their introduction could be improved. I’m more metrics-driven, but as the relationship continued, they didn’t take results super plainly. The results were there, but they could adjoin them better.