Managed Testing Services of a Web and Mobile Solution for US Healthcare Providers: ScienceSoft IT Services project at Qualified.One

Managed Testing Services of a Web and Mobile Solution for US Healthcare Providers by ScienceSoft

Some details


One of the Customer’s HIE solutions was under development. It comprised several modules, for example, a health monitoring, an electronic medication administration record (EMAR), and a risk management module.

The Customer needed to ensure the system’s high user adoption rate, so the software was to be fully functional, stable, and address special usability requirements. Another challenge

was imposed by the system’s internal inter-module integration and external integration with multiple EHR systems, which had to be thoroughly checked.

The software was intended for both web and mobile use. The Customer needed a professional managed testing provider experienced with both web and mobile application testing.

Thus, the provider should not only come up with optimal testing types’ prioritization, but also cover all the aspects specific to testing of each application type.


The Customer got their software thoroughly tested to ensure its smooth and sufficient functionality, proper integration with varied EHR systems, compatibility with required web browsers and versions of mobile OSs, and the system’s performance under continuous load and simultaneous utilization by multiple users. Also, the Customer got sure the applications’ UX would meet the demands of all user groups.

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