Salesforce Customization for the Roofing Services Provider: ScienceSoft IT Services project at Qualified.One

Salesforce Customization for the Roofing Services Provider by ScienceSoft

Some details


The Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to perform Salesforce customization of their Sales Cloud-based solution. The Customer required to customize report types (like the report on additional services and the product reports) for better visibility into the distribution of teams’ efforts and the use of materials for their projects. The Customer also needed to present the information about their

revenues and expenses in a more convenient and user-friendly way. Other requirements were to streamline the processes of creating warranty emails, invoices and introducing the process of purchase orders’ (POs) approval.


The Customer got their Salesforce-based solution further tailored to their business needs. The customized reports on additional services and product reports ensured better visibility into the teams’ performance and the amount of roofing materials used for different projects. New revenue and expenses report types enabled better transparency into the correlation of the Customer’s revenues and expenses. Enabling the templates for warranty emails and invoices helped to create them faster and easier. Digitizing the PO approval process added to its transparency and made tracking changes to the POs easier. The additional health check of the Customer’s Salesforce-based solution allowed exposing some inefficient processes and optimizing them.

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