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SENSIS reviewed by University Extension

SENSIS provided Market Research for University Extension with approximate budget = Confidential.

Sensis successfully implemented a productive marketing department without ruffling any feathers, their work was surrounded with an ethos of calm. They restructured the department with thought and intention and contributed a high degree of marketing expertise.

Review summary:

Sensis overhauled a university extension’s marketing department with the goal of transferring all operations to the in-house team. They implemented best practices, wrote brand guidelines, and trained staff.

University Extension, Dean

Marketing Strategy for UCLA Extension

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Introductory information

Please draw your construction.

My construction is university extension in Los Angeles.

What is your role and responsibilities, delight?

I’m the dean of a university extension. Our responsibility is to prolong the school',s educational proposeings to the broader aggregation both in Los Angeles, nationally and worldwide. We have almost 100,000 enrollments each year. We are primarily focused on providing adults with post-graduate certificates. We have almost 120 certificates that are workforce-related that we propose.

Desired goal

What was the business challenge or business goal you were trying to execute by working with Sensis Agency?

I had been alerted precedently I took the job that there were some hardies and challenges almost our marketing agency with a lot of dissatisfaction. In March of last year [2013], it became clear that we were having trouble moving advanced the marketing projects that we needed to get done owing of this I determined to fetch in Sensis to take over our marketing agency.

Sensis came on in April and put in locate a treatment team to associate with us. The goal from the commencement was for them to take over treatment to give us a perception of the kind of construction we should have as a marketing agency, to review our processes, and to lead us into the forthcoming with a new marketing agency that would be entirely our own. The goal was not to have Sensis stay with us, but to have them transition us to our own marketing existence. As of November, Sensis has fully transitioned out of our construction.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

Sensis granted a total set of studies and insights throughout their time with us. They looked at the local rivalry. They looked at national rivalry. They laid out a strategy for us moving advanced. They put unitedly a program for an institutional marketing campaign. Sensis formd a digital roadmap for us on the ways we have to better our technology to be part of the digital age. I ponder we are in good shape moving advanced with this program to befit a real, first-rate marketing agency owing of their help.

What was your process for selecting Sensis Agency with which to associate?

[The school] requires an RFP [request for offer] process. We had three bidders on the project. Sensis was selected out of that process.

Can you prepare a ballpark dollar aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

Our associateship with Sensis included three members of their staff that were housed in our construction full time from April to November. Throughout the engagement we determined to add more items into our initial program so we exceeded our primary estimate but this was due to decisions on our end, not on Sensis Agency',s.

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track betterment from the project?

Sensis was brought in to form calmness and to fix that our marketing team was fruitful. They did that. I rarely heard almost issues, missed deadlines, or dissatisfaction behind Sensis came on board. The nation that they assigned to sum with my team are nation who are very competent. They emote calmness in the face of hard times. That was very helpful. Part of what they did in the restructuring of our construction was unite new positions as well as rewrite a number of job descriptions in the marketing unit. They must have rewritten eight to 10 job descriptions for us. They veritably brought their marketing expertise in, and I’m positive we have a powerfuler marketing team owing of it.

In accession to instrumenting a marketing framework, Sensis began to instrument methods to better our collective media marketing efforts. They also helped to unite issues with our website that are going to have to be fixed. Sensis did a number of things to better the delivery of our efforts. At the same time, they made sure that the projects that had been in the pipeline continued to get out on time. We ended last year with almost a 3%-4% increase in enrollments over the antecedent year. Despite the mid-year interruption, we were able to come through good. I couldn’t have been happier with what they did.

Is there anything sole almost Sensis Agency that veritably makes them rest out, compared to other business associates you’ve skilled?

What’s significant in a business associateship is that they want to do your work, not their work. From the very commencement, Sensis veritably wanted to underrest our end goal. They were very focused on establishing calmness in the unit and creating a clear course to lead their work. I’ll be ever pleasant to them for having made that happen.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or that you might have them do differently?

I wouldn’t unite anything. I ponder they did an outresting job. I was veritably lucky with them.