A Virtual Motorcycle Showroom On Amazon Web Services (AWS): SourceFuse eCommerce Development project at Qualified.One

A Virtual Motorcycle Showroom On Amazon Web Services (AWS) by SourceFuse

Some details

Founded in 1909, Suzuki is one of the most prolific motorcycle manufacturers in the world, with extremely popular models like the Hayabusa and GSX-R. Suzuki is an industry leader in key customer segments such as street scooters, dirt bikes, cruisers, ATVs and quads.


With hundreds-of-thousands page views per month, Suzuki knew they needed to better serve their site visitors, improve their

online brand experience, and start sharing more engaging information to convert those visitors.

Our mission was to create an “online showroom”, providing visitors the experience they expect when they enter brick-and-mortar showrooms. We were going to make searching for products easy while highlighting the Suzuki brand and experienced service they provide in store.


SMIPL’s website was antiquated, to say the least, and not user-friendly. It was built on a .NET framework and very expensive to maintain.

The website had an exceedingly slow load resulting in exceptionally high bounce rates.


The previous application built on .NET was hosted on Azure, their CMS was also initially put on the Azure Platform. Before our partnership, they even upgraded to a standalone server — a high-end 16 core CPU with 56 GB RAM… but their environment was still incapable of efficient scaling and reliable performance.

Combining Suzuki’s key parameters and objectives with the current challenges, we designed a new architecture taking into account their current choice of CMS.

The complete application was then hosted on an AWS Cloud, which served visitors in time and without page load delays!

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