100% Web-Based Media Buying And Planning.: SourceFuse eCommerce Development project at Qualified.One

100% Web-Based Media Buying And Planning. by SourceFuse

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How an AWS migration and optimization allows a media company to compete and thrive in a last-minute economy.

Everything works until it doesn',t. When BluHorn fell victim to their self-designed monolithic architecture hosted with a very unfriendly provider, downtime became a real growing pain.


BluHorn® is a media buying solution that was created by media buyers, for media buyers. To easily

organize, analyze and communicate media buys for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor, print, and digital media.


BluHorn had a legacy product that was the reincarnation of previous client-server software, old architecture, and very old web technology. Furthermore, a small 2-person internal team was responsible for development, QA, and deployment, making it difficult for them to do any of those effectively.


Not only was BluHorn struggling with product quality and scale, but their roadmap, like many, is customer driven. With loyal customers requesting features and releases at will.


We quickly identified that BluHorn didn’t really know what they didn’t know. Being self-contained inside a monolithic architecture meant it could be a database backup, web traffic, or all of a dozen other issues contributing to their slow performance. So, we began to break this down into microservices, where each element of functionality is a separate service.


Once the AWS environment was configured we built BluHorn on a custom PHP MVC framework, which powers the backend and stores all of the data on a MySQL Aurora database. The frontend has JQUERY guts which allow us to create a user-friendly Google Sheets like experience for users to buy and analyze their orders.

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