State-of-the-art robotics. Made simple.: Star Design project at Qualified.One

State-of-the-art robotics. Made simple. by Star

Some details

Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures autonomous mobile robot solutions for the warehousing and intralogistic markets. 

Fetch commissioned Star to develop the Taskbuilder module and develop the backend and website integration with FetchCore. Fetch’s customers use Taskbuilder to configure, schedule, and customize their robots tasks. These tasks can be anything from fully automating

induction and delivery with facility ASRSs to running automated cycle counts in a live warehouse. Once the tasks are entered into Taskbuilder, FetchCore transmits the tasks, either to an entire fleet, or to one specific robot.


Implemented the TaskBuilder module and integrated it with FetchCore

Developed a tool for defining robotic data collection routes

Developed a robot queueing feature

Developed a tool that manages destination groups

Implemented a new ‘conditional actions’ capability that gives “if-then-else’ flexibility

Developed a standalone application for field personnel, enabling them to create robot tasks for picking up and dropping off carts