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Starfish IoT Development services in New York

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IoT Development costs at Starfish

ADVANCED: $200,000—$1,000,000

  • Data processing & analysis
  • IoT application development
  • Custom IoT development
  • IoT analytics
  • Experienced UI/UX team
  • IoT product design
  • High-load user app development
  • IoT data architecture
  • Internet of things security
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Data visualiation

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • IoT software set-up
  • Basic architecture
  • User app development

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Dedicated project manager
  • IoT app development
  • IoT software implementation
  • UI/UX design
  • IoT product design
  • User app development
  • Security audit
  • Web app development

Starfish key services in New York

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