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We embed Agile developers & product with your team

About Stride eCommerce Development company in New York, United States

Stride is NYC's Ageil software development consultancy. We embed seasoned full stack Agile developers & product consultants with your team full time. We believe in non-dogmatic Agile and form one team with you be your best.

Our Vision

We unlock human potential by engineering better systems.

Our Mission

Human ingenuity dedication compassion and care will build a brighter future for our planet and for generations to come.

Our Purpose

We are that missing piece of the puzzle that combines deep technical expertise with the ability to feel deeply and passionately about human experience. We continually learn better practices to put people first and in turn help other organizations put people first. Our thought leaders teach our consultants coach and our practitioners mentor and pair. We collaborate at all levels to engineer elegant things that delight and surprise while arriving at the essence of what people need: meaningful outcomes and more valuable useful and sustainable human and software systems.

Our Fifteen-Year Goal

To create a measurable good in the world with socially conscious ethical and humane organizations that foster social equity provide environmental stewardship and engage with local communities. As a services company our path to making this impact is to build our identity around working with clients who make this impact themselves becoming one of them in the process.

95% of Striders have been teachers! Our developers and product consultants are some of the best in NYC. We augment your team and help you improve code quality and process through a unique blend of consulting and software development. We truly believe in l