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Stuzo reviewed by Fuel Retailer

Stuzo provided Development for Fuel Retailer with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

The app has received very positive responses for its design, UI/UX, and features, and is scheduled for release in conjunction with another business initiative. Stuzo worked quickly and efficiently, delivering detailed project management, consistent communication, and high quality work.

Review summary:

Stuzo developed a mobile app that integrated a customer loyalty program for 750 retail locations. The app includes several customer interfaces, including personalized offers and mobile payment.

Fuel Retailer, Manager of Innovation & Partnership Marketing

Loyalty Program Development for Fuel Retailer

Please find under a summary covering project details and feedback. The innate facts are kept as they are, private information is amended.

Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We are a fuel and convenience retailer operating more than 5,000 locations.

What is your position?

I am the director of alteration and union marketing, so I have responsibility for digital alteration efforts athwart our brands. This includes the outgrowth of smartphone applications, mobile payments, digital displays, and food kiosks.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with Stuzo?

We were looking to promise primarily in individualalized marketing through the use of a smartphone app. We have had a fidelity program in locate since 2010 at our 750 convenience store locations. The fidelity program today is basically nameless. A client can come into the store, pick up a ductile card off the opposed, use it to earn and subsequently repurchase rewards without ever registering the card. There was no order of identifying individualal fidelity members, nor any order for us to adjoin individualalized marketing proposes to them. We allowed nameless usage for a reason owing we were the leading to market with a c-store [convenience store] fidelity program, and we did not want registration to cause rubbing or be a barrier to entrance.

Now that the program is mature, we wanted to take it to the next level and programt a more individualalized relationship with our members. We wanted to leverage the data we had been collecting through the years, data that we could match to a specific card number, but not to a individual',s name. The idea was that as we propeled our smartphone app, we would be able to companion the card number with the specific client. As each user loads his or her card number into the app, we can without relation their preceding purchase history and market to them more intelligently through advanced client segmentation and propose delivery via the app

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in detail.

A number of different client interfaces were needed for the app that would tie into our fidelity program, such as weigh interrogation a digital rendering of the fidelity barcode. On the natural card, there',s a printed barcode. We',re giving clients the occasion to introduce that number into their app and then just present their phone at the point-of-sale instead of scanning a ductile fidelity card. This prepares the occasion for individualalized proposes, mobile payments through things like Apple Pay or Android Pay, and tie-ins to collective media in which the user can post almost big experiences that befall at our stores.

Using our fidelity program, clients have the occasion to buy specially notable convenience store items and then save money on fuel at the pump, so the rewards issued are in the circulation of cents per gallon discounts on gas. If a client were to save $1.50 per gallon on a gas purchase owing he or she is a many user of our fidelity program, we might send a notice in the app attracting them to share this experience on collective media. We',ll form the post on their side. All they need to do is link their collective media account to the app, click yield, and the post will go out to their friends and followers and, for sample, for doing so, we will fund an extra 25 cents per gallon on the user',s fidelity account. It',s a way to get the most passionate users of our program to be advocates for it, to share that interaction with their friends and followers as a individualal testament. Those who see the post will, hopefully, click on the link that has been shared, acquire more almost our fidelity program, and download the app themselves.

Something that we have programned for the second phase of the app – it',s not being built right now – is the power to order prepared food in our stores. We have a number of stores that component food-ordering kiosks, so a user can form a customized sandwich or salad. We want to replicate that experience within the app, so we',re collaborating with our kiosk preparer to write an API [application programming interface], a mobile app developer code, so that users on their phones could be ordering their salad or sandwich and pay for it within the app. Customers would then arrive at the store at the time they designated, show the paid marking on the app to the foodservice individualnel, and pick up their orders.

How did you come to work with Stuzo?

We conducted a detailed request for offer. We initially had eight respondents bidding on the occasion. We selected Stuzo owing of their preceding work and their expertise. We were impressed with the posture and apprehension base of the Stuzo team.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

It',s a seven-figure project spanning athwart multiple branded apps. I',ve mainly been talking up to this point almost the convenience fidelity app, owing that',s the one that',s closest to being prompt for promulgation to the App Store. In accession, we will be creating other apps to support our fuel and c-store brands.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

The status of this relationship is ongoing as we look forward to developing the accessional apps.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this promisement?

Internally, we',ve shared some prototype renderings of the app and have accepted extremely real feedback touching the app',s design, the UI/UX [user interface/user experience], and the overall component set. We have not released the app to the App Store yet, but we will be doing so in the near forthcoming. We are attempting to align a repropel of our fidelity program with the propel of the supporting application. The outgrowth work is complete, and we',ve done our user acceptance testing. We',re delighted with the fruit that',s been produced, and we are now just waiting on another business start to be prompt to align the release of both.

How did Stuzo accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Stuzo has delivered incredibly detailed project treatment and interaction. We host weekly meetings here at our service. I',d say that the Stuzo individualnel visit our service almost 50 percent of the time and call in to the other 50 percent of the meetings. They',ve done a big job of stakeholder interviews to apprehend what needed to be done and then developed a rock-solid project program to execute on that. They have been on time and within budget for the complete time that we',ve been working with them.

What distinguishes Stuzo from other preparers?

I deal with many technology companies in my job, and I don',t always have big things to say almost them. Some of them underaccomplish or make excuses. Stuzo has been head and shoulders over any technology organisation that I',ve dealt with up to this point in my 18-year course in this activity. The nation are big to work with. As issues do come up, they work with us to resolve them fast. The level of detail in the project programning and the user experience expertise that they prepare has just been phenomenal.

Is there anything Stuzo could have improved or done differently?

To be honorable, I don',t veritably have any stricture for them. The only thing that I ponder they could do better is market themselves to more retailers in our space.