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About Switchfast Technologies IT Services company in Chicago, United States

Switchfast Technologies is a leading IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) serving the Greater Chicagoland and Midwest Area. Switchfast clients understand that a true IT Partner goes beyond break/fix, rather providing long-term solutions to business challeng

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Grow your career with hands-on learning paid certification training career roadmaps and access to a team of experts in the field.

You#39;ll love who you work with. At Switchfast your smart and passionate colleagues are more than just coworkers — they#39;re friends.

As one of the nation#39;s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2019 and 2020 we#39;re serious about fostering a culture of transparency and helpfulness.

We arent looking for IT professionals who just get the job done: we hire people who want to make a noticeable difference in their company while actively advancing their career.

Working at Switchfast isn#39;t for everyone. We#39;ve found that the people who best thrive here have a few common traits:

’At Switchfast you get to learn and experience more in a week than most corporate people touch in a year.’

- Trevor Shaffer Switchfast vCIO

’Were encouraged to make the right IT choices for clients; we arent held to rigid policies that might push the wrong solution on a client. Because of this creativity is your best friend here. Were able to be flexible with how we resolve issues to make sure that the client gets what they need.’

- Jackie Sacketti Switchfast Intake Team Lead

’I was in an entry level position when I started at Switchfast. Management helped me plan out my career path at the company and put me in a role where I could gain the experience I needed to advance. As Ive grown within the company Ive been afforded the opportunity to take numerous certs and have learned a lot from my colleagues.’

- Joseph Kennett Switchfast Support Tech II

When you dedicate yourself to the Switchfast team we commit to helping you advance your career. In addition to the hands-on learning youll get as you work through the diverse set of IT challenges youll face as you help our clients youll also partner with management to build a career roadmap to help you identify the next steps in your career and receive paid certification training to help you get there.

Weve been proud be recognized as one of Chicagos Best and Brightest Companies to Work For over the past two years. The acknowledgment is based on anonymous feedback from our employees on a variety of categories like communication work-life balance employee education diversity recognition and retention. Switchfast ranks favorably to the national standard in categories like employee development recognition diversity and teamwork. Our team is fantastic and wed love for you to experience it.

With one of the highest Client Satisfaction & Employee Engagement rates in the industry, along with the data, referrals and accolades to prove it, Switchfast Technologies builds lasting and trusted relationships.  Learn more about how we'd like to help yo