Czarnowski website redesign: Symbiont Group Digital Marketing project at Qualified.One

Czarnowski website redesign by Symbiont Group

Some details

We worked with Czarnowski’s internal marketing team to establish
their marketing objectives: increase awareness of Czarnowski’s fullservice
capabilities and expansive industry knowledge. With the objectives defined, we identified key marketing activities to support their

Once the marketing strategy was in place, we developed a corresponding
content strategy. This included defining

the buyer journey, developing
buyer personas and conducting a content audit—which was used to
pinpoint and fill existing content gaps.

We also performed a detailed keyword audit to determine which long-tail
keywords would improve SEO. Those keywords were incorporated into
targeted content designed to pull prospects thorough the sales funnel by
displaying Czarnowski’s creative philosophy, demonstrating their multi- industry experience and promoting their core capabilities.

The content was organized into a content calendar that mapped out when it would be published and how it would be distributed across social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 

We measured and analyzed the performance of each piece of content, which included a marketing guide, blog posts, case studies, landing pages, web pages and videos. The resulting analytics were used to make recommendations on which content formats and topics were driving the highest level of user engagement. We then integrated those findings back into the content calendar.

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