University of Michigan Mcubed Drupal 8 Upgrade / Redesign: Symmetri Marketing Branding project at Qualified.One

University of Michigan Mcubed Drupal 8 Upgrade / Redesign by Symmetri Marketing

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The Mcubed program, housed in the University of Michigan’s Office for Research, distributes real-time seed funding to multidisciplinary, faculty-led teams—stimulating research that might otherwise be overlooked in more traditional grant processes.


The Mcubed program’s success depends entirely on its portal, allowing users to browse cubes by

category and express interest in joining a project. And it manages the gamified “token” system of funding projects based on multidisciplinary researcher commitment, unlike the traditional grant-writing process. Mcubed 3.0 brought the scalability needed to take the program to researchers and donors nationwide. Symmetri performed a complete website rebuild on Drupal 8.


The Mcubed staff received the President’s Staff Innovation Team Award forimplementing newly developed best practices and creating new inclusive features. During the Mcubed 3.0 funding cycle, 221 cubes have already been awarded as of February of 2019.

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