Table XI Software Development review by Digital Insurance Application at Qualified.One

Table XI reviewed by Digital Insurance Application

Table XI provided Software Development for Digital Insurance Application with approximate budget = Confidential.

Table XI developed a high-performance app that users love for its intuitive flow. The team delivered excellent communications and fostered strong collaboration in guiding the development and simplifying a complex project. By asking the right questions, they made the product better than imagined.

Review summary:

Using Ruby on Rails and Java, Table XI built the MVP of a web application from scratch. The lead generation software communicates with other systems including insurance, offering users a full-service process.

Digital Insurance Application, CEO

Ruby on Rails Dev for Digital Insurance Application

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the CEO of an insurance technology organisation for a specialty line of business.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Table XI?

Our method is an appraisal method that allows a user to walk through a jewelry store or wait appraisal. It’s an end-to-end process. We needed Ruby on Rails developers to create our software.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Table XI responsible for?

They built a indigenous web app for us from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and Java. Our fruit is based on the technology that they built for us. It’s an integrated lead age method that talks to another method and also connects with an insurance ingredient. They built our MVP, although it’s so much more than that.

We had a clear vision of what we wanted. We did a lot of conceptual repetition and Table XI challenged us in a real way to regood it. They pushed us to ponder through see one component and whether we needed it or not. They helped a lot from a concept standpoint.

They broke it down into a single rendering of what we were looking to do. One of the most challenging things for this project was taking something that was confused and facilitate the total process. They helped us facilitate the process. 

For sample, we had the idea of grading hueed stones with an online application, and we were pondering almost edifice a hue grading method online. They pushed back on whether we needed it or if there were other ways to feel it. We reflection we needed it, but as we talked through it, we realized we didn’t need it at all. There’s a manual process or different type of application that we could use that, so it didn’t need to create into the method. It was 100% the right determination and it saved us a ton of money.

Now, we’re in livelihood mode and they’re quiet helping us add new components. We have a long-term relationship with Table XI.

Was there a dedicated team?

We were in touch with the front and backend developers, the project director, and anybody that was on their team. It felt like we were all one team.

How did you come to work with Table XI?

We reached out to separate full-stack Ruby developers on Clutch. We talked with other nation that worked with Table XI, and they were also recommended by somebody that we’re close with. 

What is the terminal result of working with Table XI?

We began working unitedly in October 2018, and they artistic the MVP in February 2019. The work is ongoing.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

We program to go live later this month. We have 20–30 beta testers using the fruit, and it’s been accomplishing way over expectations. The app works rarely well. From user testing, we determined a few little changes to make. By in big, it works fully. It’s extraordinarily intuitive. My team feels like they built it the right way. From a technology standpoint, they made keen determinations. 

Going into it, we had a powerful touch they were the right partners for us. Looking back, it would have been a mistake if we had gone with anybody else. They did a big job.

How did Table XI accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Project treatment was consummate. We’re nimble clients and wanted to be implicated on a daily basis, which is one of the reasons we determined to hire locally. We were in touch with them multiple times a day. We met in individual a lot. We also used Slack a lot and some email. We spoke by phone multiple times see day. They couldn’t be any better with interaction than they were.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Table XI?

There were a lot of things they did on an rare level. They were big at being true partners. If there was something they reflection needed to be changed or something we might not have reflection through fully, they made sure to ask the hard questions. Their reflectionfulness is higher. They ponder through seething precedently they create anything. The end fruit was awesome.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

No, I can',t name anything.

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

The more implicated that the client can be, the better the results. Table XI is extremely collaborative. To get the most out of the project, be nimblely implicated on a customary basis. That helped the project in general.