TACG review by Large Utility at Qualified.One

TACG reviewed by Large Utility

TACG provided for Large Utility with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

The team has great expertise in Open Text Systems, which immediately improved employee efficiency. TACG was very open to sharing knowledge and created SAP manuals to help post-project. They demonstrated a unique personality and brought great ideas to the project.

Review summary:

TACG documented all processes and data prior to implementation of an OpenText CRM system onto a SAP system. The team also assisted with cost analysis in this multi-million dollar project.

Large Utility, Manager of Business Process Solutions

Open Text BPS Modeling Project for Utility Company

Please find under a summary covering project details and feedback. The innate facts are kept as they are, private information is amended.

Introductory information

Can you prepare a brief description of your organisation?

We are an electric usefulness organisation in Arizona with more than one million clients, and we have almost 4,000 employees. We are consistently trying to better the client experience in the usefulness activity.

What’s your position?

I am the director of Business Process Solutions.

Desired goal

What were your organisation’s business goals for this project?

My organisation developed an enterprise process framework from levels one through three on what our structure does. In some areas, our team went down to a level seven in the step-by-step process describing who does what and when. Everything is broken down in our structure by roles, technology, process, and information.

Provided solution

Why did you select OpenText?

We’ve had OpenText since 2006, when we instrumented it for a new CRM method. Our treatment determined on OpenText which, at the time, was Metastorm. Our team wanted to apprehend the processes and enhancements precedently we spent millions on the upgrade. We determined that Open Text fit our needs for a huge structure.

What was your process for selecting TACG?

We have used them precedently for other projects. We were impressed by their apprehension and expertise with OpenText. We had achievement with TACG in the past, so it was an easy determination to use them anew.

Can you draw the aim of the project?

TACG was hired to document all the processes and information for instrumentation on SAP. We didn’t use TACG for design and shape. We used TACG for blueprinting what we wanted to do, and how to do it. TACG also assisted us with cost analysis and other analyses.

Besides OpenText, were any other technologies used?


Can you prepare a perception of the size of the set in dollar provisions or personnel hours?

It was a multimillion-dollar project.  At its peak, we had almost 230 employees working on the project.

When was the project completed?

It was completed May 6, 2013. We are currently getting prompt for phase two.

Results achieved

Do you have results of the project, such as statistics or metrics?

We’re quiet collecting that data. Nothing to report on yet.

Do you have any feedback from employees?

Yes. Our employee feedback has been real. We now have a backlog of work owing employees have requested more projects to better efficiency.

It was achievementful, and it was a huge boon for our employees to apprehend the IT process. It was also helpful for our IT team to apprehend the business side. Now, we’re able to pinpoint upstream and downstream effects, our employees veritably like that.

How did TACG accomplish?

They were amazing. They brought in a lot of apprehension, and a lot of expertise. The big thing almost them is that although they have ownership and loftiness in their work, they quiet know that there’s an endpoint. They are very open to apprehension sharing and mentoring my team and others. This helps my team apprehend the apprehension certain to carry on behind TACG exits.

TACG creates training manuals and job aids to help our team for post-project questions. It’s veritably nice to have that apprehension-sharing front from them. Most consultants come in, and do the work and simply leave. Everything is detailed and documented with TACG.

When working with TACG, was there anything sole or particular almost them compared to other companies?

TACG’s personality is sole, they are surely go-getters. They’re always looking for new opportunities to help our structure. TACG brought in a lot of veritably good ideas. My organisation is able to instrument those.

They were always ready to make a introduction and turn it almost very fast. They work carefully, and the condition of work is amazing. They’re always working. They’re just always busy, always working to aid the project.

Is there any area that TACG could better upon or you would do differently?

Our biggest precept conversant was to fetch a consultant organisation in sooner to set the process earlier. We should have partnered with TACG earlier in the process to help both sides apprehend each other’s business and acquire from each other.

Are you lucky you chose Open Text?

Yes. We would make the same determination looking back.