TACG review by US Military Organization at Qualified.One

TACG reviewed by US Military Organization

TACG provided for US Military Organization with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

TACG has a very experienced team that is responsive and productive. They have helped to save money and time by providing great value. The team has exceeded all government metrics and received no complaints.The engagement will continue for the foreseeable future.

Review summary:

TACG works re-engineers platform architecture for several Business Enterprise Systems to be used for military purposes. The team mainly uses Open Text and ProVision.

US Military Organization, Chief Architect

Open Text Architecture Project for Military

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Introductory information

Please prepare a brief description of what your organisation does?

I work for HIB in Business Enterprise Services for a soldierly structure. We are in direct of the sustainment systems and all the legacy apps. There is pliant to no new outgrowth since we are on sustainment mode. If there is new outgrowth,  it’s just upgrades

The other cluster I work with is logistics. That includes all of our livelihood, depot, and systems within my structure for aircraft and war items. There are almost 80 total systems that I work with.

What is your position?

I’m the chief constructor.

Desired goal

What were your business goals or reasons for enterprise the project?

We have used TACG for separate of our different systems for business process reengineering. They haven’t worked on just one one project. They worked on numerous systems. This particular project used Open Text and Provision.

My experience has been solely from the Open Text perspective. They’re able to get answers for us. They do a lot of business process reengineering and constructorure perspective using ProVision.

Provided solution

What was the process used to select TACG?

The government uses the 8A procurement process. TACG was selected along with another vendor in that process owing TACG proposeed the experiences that the other organisation lacked. They complemented each other well and cooperated to complete an unappropriated project.

Brian Chaney [President of TACG] is very skilled in this field. If he can’t do the work, he hires the right nation to do the work for us. We’ve always gotten a big response and a big fruit. We have a very good relationship with him. It’s allowed us to create more work and get the programs to apprehend the value reengineering our business processes. This has allowed us to save a lot of money and time. Not many companies propose this value.

Why did your structure decide to use Open Text?

I’m a very big advocate for ProVision and OpenText and their BPM tool. I feel like they’re the most efficient. I feel like they’re the most strong. I ponder that they exhibit what we’re looking for. There are many things that you can do with BPM that you cannot do with SharePoint. The cost is more, which we must attend being with the government. I just ponder it’s easier to use. I ponder it’s more user-friendly in a holistic perspective. But there’s no other tool that I establish that I like as well.

That’s how I feel almost ProVision, the constructorure tool. The Open Text BPM tool is very good but it’s also very costly.

What parts of the project was TACG implicated in?

Using the Open Text BPM tool and ProVision, TACG did the constructorure for the contract. We need to look through our systems and make sure they are running efficiency. We sift through the data and look for redundancies with TACG’s help. They are experts at helping government structures save money.

Were any other technologies used besides the OpenText BPM?

Not to my apprehension.

Can you give us a perception of the start in dollar provisions?

 The contract that they’re working on alongside Copper River is almost a $3.5 million. They have a expressive portion of that dollar quantity.

And the contract is quiet ongoing?

Yes, we can exertion the contract anew for up to five more years.

Results achieved

Does your structure have any stats or metrics to track advancement from the project?

The government keeps what we call a CPAR. TACG has always scored excellent on their CPARs.

Do you quiet feel you made the right determination to work with Open Text and TACG?


How has TACG performed?

They’ve been big.. We have no complaints with them at all. They’ve been early. They’ve been efficient. If I’ve ever needed to call Brian Chaney and talk to him almost somebody or an effect, it is dealt with without.

What’s sole or particular almost them compared to some other companies you may have worked with?

Brian [President of TACG] has the experience of being a program director in the Air Force. He apprehends our limitations. He apprehends the speech that we have to use. He apprehends how we work. He apprehends our needs. And then he takes that back into his organisation and he tries to engender support and the genius that we need and can produce. Sometimes, vendors come to us from the corporate globe without apprehending the government globe.

It’s just been very easy to work with TACG. They’ve been very supportive. TACG’s staff veritably apprehends Open Text. They have a lot of genius in the field and there’s not much out there. Architecture is a sole field. It’s hard to find good nation. For them to have that many good nation, is forcible.

Looking back on the project, is there something that TACG could better upon or anything that you would have done differently?

All of the other companies and TACG don’t do regular training with their teams. They don’t pay for regular training. I’m sure some of that comes from how long are they going to stay and if their contract’s long sufficient. I feel they would be up to despatch a lot faster if they had had the regular training.