Technology Management Concepts Development review by Healthcare IT at Qualified.One

Technology Management Concepts reviewed by Healthcare IT

Technology Management Concepts provided Development for Healthcare IT with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Over the last 12 years, Technology Management Concepts has been available and responsive to assist with problems and questions through their helpline. The team is personable and eager to learn the company and industry. They offer highly skilled and experienced staff.

Review summary:

Technology Management Concepts implemented Microsoft Dynamics accounting software. The team was selected as the best implementation team and service provider, and served as the technology consultant.

Healthcare IT, Admin Director & Controller

Community Healthcare Dynamics Installation

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Introductory information

Can you give a brief overview of what your organisation does for some background?

We are a nonprofit California aggregation boon structure, providing healthcare to our aggregation.

What is your position within the organisation?

I am the controller

Desired goal

What were your organisation’s business goals or reasons for enterprise the project?

Twelve years ago, we had previously been affiliated with another confirmation. Once that confirmation divested from us, we needed to find a new accounting solution. After reviewing separate accounting software applications, it was determined to go with Microsoft Dynamics.

Provided solution

What was your process for selecting TMC?

TMC presented the best services and implementation team.

Can you tell me almost the aim of the project?

TMC is our Microsoft Dynamics technology consultant.

Results achieved

How did TMC accomplish?

We have partnered with TMC for the last 12 years and, through that time, they have been useful to help with any issues or questions. We eparticularly like their helpline, which enables us to get fast answers and fixes.

When working with TMC, was there anything sole or particular almost them compared to other companies that you may have worked with? 

The staff is very personable and fast to acquire what our organisation is all almost. They have some standout individuals who veritably know the fruit, and are always there to help us.

Looking back on the project, is there any area that TMC could better or that you would do differently? 

Not veritably.

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