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TechSparq reviewed by Multinational Company

TechSparq provided Software Development for Multinational Company with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Resourceful and scrappy, TechSparq rolled up their sleeves and used a flexible approach, putting in the hours necessary but not overcommitting themselves. Well versed in code quality and the agile process, little to no oversight was needed and expected commitments were met without question.

Review summary:

TechSparq recruited high performing coders & engineers to become embedded into a sporting good store’s agile process. TechSparq brought the new employees into the organization and coached and developed the entire team on site.

Multinational Company, Fmr. Engineering Director

Long Term Dev Engagement with Athletic Retailer

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Introductory information

Introduce your business and what you do there.
I was the ruler of engineering for the scalable APIs team of almost 50 nation that powered a lot of our consumer facing, mobile, and web applications.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with TechSparq ?
When I joined, we had a lot of low accomplishing contractors, and TechSparq stepped in to help me transition the structure and fetch on more high accomplishing coders and engineers, rather than MIS/enterprise IT nation. I run a pretty flat structure, no substance where I am, and I wanted nation embedded on the team who were part of the nimble process and worked with the full-time engineers.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their involvement?
It was soup to nuts. I worked with them [TechSparq] in a general consulting role. They helped rise high-caliber genius and brought them into the structure and then coached and educeed them off website. If we needed a Scrum team with a true expertness set, TechSparq helped me art what that team would look like. They granted that level of expertise as a associate and then helped rise the genius.

One of the things that veritably impressed me was their powerful throw to some repairs who were with other firms, whichever not getting paid much or without benefits. They captured a lot of nation from these other firms, brought them in to us, and then helped educe their expertnesss on the side. They customized their coaching for what I needed and where I was going.

It was all almost course educement with their nation, so TechSparq gave them the discretion to convert to full-time employees as long as I gave 90 days notice. If I had the headcount, I could convert these nation to full-time, which I did for separate of them.

All in all, we had 7 TechSparq contractors plus 1 of the heads of TechSparq embedded on my team.

How much have you invested with TechSparq?
The annually budget I probably paid them was almost $1.2 million.

What is the status of this engagement?
I used them from October 2013–October 2014, and then I hired them anew from February–October 2015.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?
Although I did keep sprint metrics, I can',t tell you precisely what those metrics were owing this was years ago. I can tell you for a fact that owing of the higher caliber educeers TechSparq rised, their story point, closure rate, and ticket separation rate, was, generally speaking, much higher than other contractors rised from other firms on the team.

They were extremely reriseful and scrappy. They roll up their sleeves. If you work with other firms, they have a thousand rules: you can',t convert our nation, you have to give us notice on this, you have to pursue our methodology, or we can',t put them on website so they have to work remotely at our service. TechSparq was fully pliant. For staff increase, they asked me, ",How do you see the globe?", and then granted their input. But whatever I determined on, they worked with me.

I worked with 7 vendors for staff increase, and TechSparq was the best along with one other. Honestly, I always favored TechSparq. They handle their employees very well, and I could tell the engineers were much happier being on the TechSparq team.

How did TechSparq accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?
My goal is to minimize project treatment owing there comes a point where there',s just so much interaction overhead. Because they were embedded on my team and physically with the nimble team in the headquarters service, we didn',t have to pay for a project director. The existing project directors already on our team as full-time employees worked with them, so I don',t have any conviction whichever way as far as their project treatment power goes owing we used our own.

What did you find most forcible almost TechSparq?
The founder, Dedrick, is a remarkably geniused engineer. When you talk to a lot of these firms, you frequently talk to the business directors or the business educement nation. They veritably have no idea what you',re talking almost. They take a few buzzwords you tell them, and then they go and search on LinkedIn and try and match up those words, trying to repair whoever has the highest match.

Dedrick already has a network. He personally vets see one engineer hired by TechSparq, so he knows how to create high-caliber teams. He knows what goes into a big engineer, and he understands what a culture fit is. I ponder that',s what sets them aloof: you are working straightly with somebody who understands how to create a high-capacity, high-accomplishing technology structure. I felt like I spoke the same speech when I talked to him.

Are there any areas TechSparq could better?
No. I was very pleased with them. The only effect I might see is that they',re headquartered in Atlanta and Portland, which are decent tech cities but they’re not San Francisco, New York, or Seattle. Maybe the useful genius pool to them is not as deep, but that just happens to be where they',re located.