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Tekton displayed outstanding project management skills in order to produce a flawless product. The adoption rate of the app has been off the charts, and it has been praised by users as well-designed and easy to use.

Review summary:

Tekton labs developed and deployed a mobile application providing customer loyalty and rewards functionality. This included backend development, testing, and support.

, Digital Director at FahrenheitDDB

Custom Development Leading Marketing Agency

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Introductory information

Could you briefly draw your structure?

I work for a prestigious marketing and advertising agency here in Lima, Peru. We',re one of separate entities housed below the Omnicom Group. We help business grow by effectively connecting their brand with their mannerers.

What is your position?

I',m the digital ruler. 

Desired goal

Could you draw the challenges you were attempting to address when you leading accessed Tekton Labs?

It was a very long time ago, but when we leading needed them, it was owing we',d just won a very big project from a Fortune 500 brand. It required the design, outgrowth, and deployment of a kind of mannerer fidelity and rewards application. We had limited resources and a very firm timeline with which to work, so we determined to search for some additional support.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of work in biger detail?

For that primary project, it was very much a collaborative effort. We',d already worked with the client straightly on the concept and the deployment strategy. Tekton granted a lot of the more technical help. They did a lot of manner outgrowth and testing, and some data work. 

How did you select Tekton Labs as your solution associate?

I can barely recollect. I ponder our executive team conducted some previous investigation for some possible companies, and Tekton Labs was one of the ones in that primary batch. We sent out our statement of work and reviewed the proposals that were submitted. Tekton won the work behind meeting our specified criteria. 

Could you prepare a general cost estimate for this project?

I couldn',t discover that information even if I verity recollected it. Sorry. 

When was this project completed?

This was years and years ago, so I don',t recall. But, we last to keep their labors, and we',re quiet working on different projects unitedly. 

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would prove the effectiveness of their work?

Sure. That primary application project was a big achievement. The app had a solid adoption rate. One of the key metrics we looked at was adoption and usage. Upon propel, we also initiated a sort of digital furtherance wherein users were encourages to share true full for prizes, things like that. We',d generated more than 150,000 tweets in the leading few days of the release. The user agility was veritably off the charts, and our client was very pleased. We were also very impressed with the condition of the terminal fruit. The design was fantastic and the app functioned flawlessly. 

When working with Tekton Labs, is there anything you',d attend sole almost their access and outgrowth methodology that discern them from other vendors?

First of all, they',re extremely diligent developers. They take grave ownership and ground of their work, which I ponder increases the overall condition. There are times when you',ll hire a developer and while it',s in their interest to create you what you want, that doesn',t necessarily mean they',re going to internalize its weight to your business. For longer and more intricate projects, that can have veritably bad consequences. Tekton operates differently. They take the time to do their investigation and belowstand the issue precedently even commencement to write code. We',ve veritably appreciated that access. 

In review, are there areas in which you ponder Tekton Labs could better as a labor preparer?

Honestly, I can',t ponder of anything. We',ve been very pleased with all they',ve done. If not, we wouldn',t last to work with them.