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Tekton Labs reviewed by Travel & Tourism Company

Tekton Labs provided Mobile App Development for Travel & Tourism Company with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The website portion of the project is pending budget approval, but the app, completed in English and Spanish, is ready for launch. Tekton Labs has proven to be practiced, knowledgeable about the industry, and efficient.  They are true to their word on deadlines and readily provide support or ideas.

Review summary:

Tekton Labs is providing various services to improve a tourism website. The team has already created a certificate report for a new booking engine and a dual-platform mobile app that complements the website.

Travel & Tourism Company, Marketing & E-Marketing Manager

Peruvian Tourist Mobile Development

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Introductory information

Can you give me some background on your organisation?

We convey nation athwart Peru and propose them sole experiences along the way. I knew that our website was awful. That’s what I began to work on with Tekton Labs. We have many changes to make, but perhaps we will propel a new one. I asked him to fit a budget for us for next year. Besides that, he made a certificate report for a new booking engine and a few other applications.

Provided solution

It says here that Tekton Labs developed a mobile app for iPhone and Android to liberate tourist information?

Yes. We will have a meeting this weekend. I have all of the information, so perhaps we’ll go live this week or perhaps next week.

Can you prepare a general cost estimate for the project?

It’s almost $1,000, almost $1,700 per speech. It’s for Spanish, and I paid for another one for English. So we tried $1,800 each.

Results achieved

How lucky are you with the results of the project so far?

I veritably like to work with Tekton Labs owing they',re very practiced, know a lot almost the activity, and they work very fast. If he says that he will complete this week or Wednesday, it will be done. He’s always prompt to support, give ideas. Ten points, I don’t have any hesitation to work with him.