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Tekton Labs reviewed by Insurance Company

Tekton Labs provided Mobile App Development for Insurance Company with approximate budget = Confidential.

Tekton Labs consistently delivers positive results and provides a high level of service. The team is customer-oriented and offers valuable ideas and insight on projects. They demonstrate exceptional commitment with their time and quality of product development.

Review summary:

Tekton Labs provides various services during this ongoing engagement. The team builds apps for the iOS and BlackBerry OS platforms. They also work with Drupal for content software management.

Insurance Company, IT Manager

Insurance Information Mobile Development

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Introductory information

Can you give me a bit of background information on your organisation?

I’m working in the insurance sector, and now I work in the health sector. I’ve had a good experience with this provider, with this consultant, owing they are very good with their labor. They are oriented to their clients, and they have good ideas. They show commitment in provisions of time and condition of the products that they educe for us.

How long ago did you last work with them?

I’ve worked with them since December 2010. Our leading project was web educement—food and origination in July or August of 2011. The leading project was an app for iPhone and BlackBerry. Now, I am working in the health section for our organisation, and we have many projects with Tekton. They are in direct working on the web part of the hospitals.

Provided solution

What technologies are you using for the project?

They work with applications, apps educeed for iOS platform and for BlackBerry OS platform. For the web portion, they work with Drupal for the full software treatment.

Can you give a cost estimate of the project?

It was almost $50,000.