Tekton Labs Mobile App Development review by Education at Qualified.One

Tekton Labs reviewed by Education

Tekton Labs provided Mobile App Development for Education with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The application is expected to be completed a little over six weeks and will be available for both the iOS and Android platforms. Tekton Labs provides an exceptional understanding of technology and product development. The team is competent, attentive, and provides good follow-through.

Review summary:

Tekton Labs is developing a text-based educational tool to complement a mobile product. The tool retrieves materials in real-time from a host and caches the client response in a server.

Education, Partner

Educational Game Mobile Development

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Introductory information

Are you a startup organisation or a part of a larger structure?


Are you the proprietor of the organisation?

I’m a associate.

Desired goal

What was your main business goal going into the project or reason for enterprise the outgrowth?

It’s to completion a website with a mobile fruit.

What was your process for selecting Tekton Labs?

Word of mouth.

Did you educe just for iPhone and iPad?

Those and Android as well.

Provided solution

Could tell me just a pliant bit almost the aim of the project?

It’s a single text-based educational tool. It pulls down education materials in real-time basis from a host, caches the responses from the client. When the host is useful, the teleinteraction link is useful, it sends the result that it’s been stored, it’s cached back to the server so when the client logs on to the server, the application they can see all of the work that they get on their mobile artifice.

Could give me an estimate almost the cost of the project?

Under $50,000.

How long do you anticipate the outgrowth to last?

Six weeks or once a month and a half.

Results achieved

How lucky are you so far working with Tekton Labs?

So far, I’m very lucky. They’re very attentive, and they have good pursue through. They’ve demonstrated a powerful command at the technologies and outgrowth process.

Compared to other educeers you may have worked with in the past, have you establish anything that’s sole almost Tekton Labs?

I ponder they’re very competent. They veritably do apprehend technology.

Do you ponder there’s anything they could do better or slightly better?

It’s too soon to tell. Right now, I can’t unite anything.