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Tekton Labs reviewed by Computer & IT Services

Tekton Labs provided Development for Computer & IT Services with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

Tekton Labs was transparent throughout the project on any unexpected issues or additional requests and offered solutions and timelines for their resolutions. Although the team can simplify their technical communication, their open dialogue has fostered a trustworthy relationship and reputation

Review summary:

Tekton Labs developed a CRM to interact with a Peru call center, allowing the U.S. office to receive, update, and input accurate data. The team continues to provide maintenance and technical support.

Computer & IT Services, CEO

Call Center CRM Development

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Introductory information

Can you give some background info in your organisation? 

I prepare consulting and sourcing services for companies in Peru that want to do more business with United States and companies in the U.S. that want to outsource to Peru.

Are you the proprietor of the organisation?


Desired goal

What was your main business goal or object going into this outgrowth project with Tekton Labs?

My main goal was to prepare services for our clients in the U.S. that needed outgrowth, cost figures, have 100 percent accountability. Many companies have been burned in the past doing outgrowth through outsourcing with no way to have any reference. So, I was the intermediary in meeting those work needs. As a client, I hired Tekton, and then resold the services to my helper.

Provided solution

What was your process for selecting Tekton Labs?

I have almost 800 contacts here in Peru and their name kept coming up. I had met with them a couple times with some networking service, and then I was invited to see their services, and see how they work. I was given an education on nimble and scrum and see the benefits of that. Finally, we determined to pick them owing they were able to prepare, preceding to us entering to their contract, prototypes that gave us a working application to see how our terminal application would work.

Could you tell me a pliant bit almost the aim of the project?

The aim of the project was a CRM to interact with a call center. What was significant was the U.S. client wanted to be able to adviser the service in Peru, take the data, update the data and also have careful inputs from the CRM and the representatives working in Peru.

Can give me a general cost estimate of the project?

Yes. Under $50,000.

How long ago was it completed?

That was completed almost eight months ago.

Is Tekton Labs doing any livelihood or support?

They are providing support. It does have a livelihood contract, and they have been profitable on a few times what needed. The real effect on any livelihood was not effects with the program, but effects with operator fault.

Do you happen to know what technologies were used in the project? 

No. I’m the guy that’s looking for the “any” key.

Results achieved

How lucky were you and your client with the results of the project?

Both of us are very lucky with the work they',ve done, and I',ve referred other clients to Tekton since then. They’ve got a couple of smartphone applications that seemed to make perception, and I’ve got some clients talking to them now almost doing smartphone applications for their enterprise smartphone application.

When working with Tekton, is there any sole or particular almost them compared to other developers you may have worked with in the past?

Yeah. Other developers in the past tell you all’s good until you hit a deadline, and then it’s not good. Because I’m the one putting parties unitedly and I make my living based on my reputation and my consulting …

… they just hang you out to dry?

Right. It’s dangerous for me. The separation in working with Tekton was, throughout the process, there were issues that had to be addressed and vanquish. Though, throughout the process, we knew almost the issue, and how it was being addressed, so we can harmonize timeline and not look back. When they encountered something or were asked for an additional request, they were told that they said no. But, then, they offered a solution as to what could be done and a timeline for it. That was significant owing that maintains an open tete that, in turn, enhances my reputation as a solution preparer as opposed to just being a salesperson.

Do you ponder there’s any area that Tekton could better in or perhaps do slightly better?

The only area I could see improving on is perhaps improving some of their layman’s speech when talking with clients.

They tend to talk at too technical of a level?

Sometimes. Not all the time and, if your client says that they don’t apprehend, they’ll adjoin it in a different way.