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Turn Source Imaging BPO services in Los Angeles

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BPO costs at Turn Source Imaging

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Outsourced accounting
  • Outsourced digital marketing
  • Customer support outsourcing
  • Data entry

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Outsourced IT desk
  • Basic customer support
  • Data entry BPO

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Outsourced call centre
  • HR outsourcing
  • Data entry
  • Outsourced data collection
  • 360° client profiling

Turn Source Imaging key services in Los Angeles

Turn Source Imaging outsourcing service provider in Los Angeles

We are focused on effective outsourcing solutions and cover HR, payroll, finance & accounting, customer service outsourcing and other BPO.

Turn Source Imaging outsourcing solutions in Los Angeles

Our priority in Turn Source Imaging is to make our client’s life simpler – to the certain extent that is within our capabilities. We are happy to help Los Angeles companies with our high-quality BPO consulting and then outsourcing service.

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Best BPO agency Turn Source Imaging in Los Angeles

Los Angeles outsourcing services

There are a lot of business processes that became quite a complex last time. In-house accounting, customer service, HR and payroll in United States require a significant budget.

Good news for Los Angeles companies is that, thanks to the globalization and modern technologies, the vast majority of these business processes can be successfully (and cost-effectively) outsourced.

Payroll outsourcing in Los Angeles

Probably the highest demand in United States is observed for payroll BPO – this includes administrative, legal and financial aspects. To be performed correctly, it requires diligent approach and an experienced BPO provider.

Los Angeles offshore outsourcing

With the variety of modern technologies and globalization, more and more processes become eligible for outsourcing. Here is the list of the most popular BPO outsourcing services in United States:

  • HR outsourcing services
  • Telemarketing outsourcing
  • Outsourced web development
  • CFO outsourcing
  • Sales outsourcing
  • Banking BPO
  • Data entry outsourcing
  • Administrative support
  • Customer Service outsourcing
  • QA outsourcing
  • Procurement outsourcing
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Outsourced bookkeeping services
  • Outsourced IT support
  • Back office support

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