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Case Study - 79.46% Lower Cost Per Mobile App Install by Udonis Inc.

Some details

AdSwapper is an app which ensures that you get paid for every ad you are presented with. You can control features such as the format of ads, the number of ads of each type, their frequency and subject matter. Think of AdSwapper as a way to either screen against the ads or cash in on them.

The Challenge

Adswapper was already up and running, with a small but growing community of users. The main

challenge was to lower the cost-per-install while getting people to directly download the app from the AdSwapper’s website. The company’s business model makes the app unavailable on the AppStore or GooglePlay and therefore getting the cost-per-install down was even more complex. 

The Strategy

After the initial research and analysis we came to a conclusion that the audience most engaged in our video consisted primarily of younger millennials and post-millennials, also known as the Generation Z.

Young millennials and Generation Z-ers, however, are bombarded daily with hundreds of advertisements, especially on social media, so the right approach to winning their attention was not yet another advertisement. We decided to go with the news format of the video, which was never meant to resonate the undertone of an advertisement. 

The Results

-79.46% Cost Per Install

+2,047% User Base

+3,019% Engagement Rate

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