801.22% Growth In Sales For A Pyhsical Product: Udonis Inc. App Marketing project at Qualified.One

801.22% Growth In Sales For A Pyhsical Product by Udonis Inc.

Some details

Breeo Industries is an American company that set out to revive the campfire culture in North America. Over the last decade, gas logs and other alternatives have gained in popularity due to their convenience. Breeo caught the trend and took the original idea of a smokeless fire pit.

The Challenge

When we first got in touch with Breeo, they had just started advertising online - their Facebook page

counting less than 400 likes. At this early stage, the challenge was to raise awareness, get people introduced to Breeo’s line of products and start driving sales. 

The Strategy

The first step was to run a research aimed to discover which audience will resonate with the Breeo’s offering. Research, and then the initial testing showed that the audience we were after loved camping, outdoor cooking &, showed interest in backyard activities. 

To get the right message to out &, motivate potential customers to buy, we had to showcase why is the Breeo’s secondary-combustion technology superior to alternative solutions.

Cold traffic &, awareness campaigns were followed-up by a retargeting sequence which showcased the products in different situations, as well as the process of assembly, implementation and use cases, which were oriented on family &, friends gatherings.

The Results

 +801.22% Growth In Sales

727.13% Return On Investment

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