Retail Mobile Application Penetration Testing: UnderDefense IT Services project at Qualified.One

Retail Mobile Application Penetration Testing by UnderDefense

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Client: Oil&,Gas Company

Technical goals:

  • Test Mobile Application with initial access (unprivileged
user profile) from the attackers’ perspective
  • Detect and give recommendations on fixing security issues to protect sensitive data, users’ money and company reputation

    Business Goals:

    • Evaluate the current level of mobile application and platform security.
    • Identify gaps in current cybersecurity posture and check the IT environment for weaknesses.
    • Provide an accurate evaluation of the security level after the remediation phase.


    Solution: This Comprehensive Security Assessment allowed our client to strengthen weak spots in their Mobile Application Security.


    Result: Overall security posture was improved after remediation from grade D (Poor) to A (Excellent) following recommendations provided in our Penetration Testing Report. Saved customer',s data from leakage. At the end, our client was able to meet the highest level of compliance and regulation standards.

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