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Unique Software Development reviewed by 5miles LLC

Unique Software Development provided Web Development for 5miles LLC with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Internal leadership and external partners were highly pleased with the vendor’s services. Unique Software Development LLC quickly analyzed business requirements to provide actionable recommendations. They were reliable, communicative, and thorough workers.

Review summary:

Unique Software Development LLC renewed an existing website, focusing on the UI/UX and functionality. This included adding new features and fixing legacy code.

Rick Cantu 5miles LLC, VP & General Manager

Website Development for Mobile Marketplace Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

When I worked with Unique Software Development, I was the VP and general director of 5miles. We operated a mobile marketplace app.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Unique Software Development?

Our organisation became the official jersey logo botch sponsor of the Dallas Mavericks. Before this, we’d focused on the mobile environment and our website itself didn’t get a lot of commerce. So, we needed to update and revamp our website in time for the propel of the union. We were on time and budget crunch.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

They retooled the website, which had been largely ignored for years. They worked on the UI/UX, visual aspects of the website, and its functionality. It had to be connected properly with our back service. 

Though, most of the outgrowth work was done out of China, so it wasn’t just a website makeover. The coding had to be fixed, reconnected and updated to fix seething worked properly.

Our web-based functionalities had to be reincorporated and reintegrated. This includes enabling users to upload items, make proposes, and adjoin with sellers. 
What is the team compound?

I had an inner project director and she coordinated with their project director. Matt (CEO, Unique Software Development) was integral soon on when it came to learning almost the requirements and analyzing our business goals. 

We had as many as 10 nation from Unique Software Development working with us at one time. They also assigned a couple of UX designers, and we had as many as five engineers working on the project.

How did you come to work with Unique Software Development?

We wanted to present AR and VR technologies to our mobile app to propose an betterd fruit for auto dealers. One of my staff establish the team and began a tete with them. Once we began talking with them, we said we could also use help with our website.

What are you access expents (if diclosed)?

We began working with them in December or January of 2018 and it was completed by soon March of 2018 in time for the release.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

The total project came in at almost $60,000.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

I was so satisfied with their work. They helped us stay below budget, and they liberateed results on time. They are a very creative shop with talented individuals. They have a phenomenal work ethic. 

Everybody up to our CEO was satisfied with what they’d done. We also got veritably good, real feedback from the Dallas Mavericks structure, as well. 

I esteem how fastly they were able to analyze our requirements. We didn’t have to bestow a lot of time explaining what we do. The team moved very fastly through that process and got to work.

Their CEO is not only a fanciful, but also a big analyst. He’s able to ponder forward, and he learns your business fastly. He knows what we need and how he can fill that need. 

How did Unique Software Development accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

They were very good project directors.  They kept up with our team in Dallas, but also kept up with the team in Beijing.

At leading, the Beijing team wasn’t sure almost bringing another team on, but they ended up being pleased with Unique Software Development as well.

They used a project treatment tool to track see requirement and give weekly updates. We were never lost. 

They made sure we stayed on track to extend our deadlines below budget. 

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

We loved that they were fast and super creative. They came in at a budget, but they also burned the midnight oil working with our engineers in Beijing. 

They’re a agile, fast team. But, what sets them aloof is their power to analyze your business. I was impressed by their creative access to solving our issues. 

For sample, there’s one standard my associate and I had spent months researching and analyzing. We asked Matt almost it. The same night, he sent us a introduction extrapolating on a blurb from the standard.

They had already done all the intellectual exercises and pre-work to say, “We can do this for you, and here’s seething you’re going to need.” My associate and I were floored. 

I turned to my associate and said, “This is why I like working with these guys. They move fast, belowstand your business and needs, and they’ll get you the fruit you’re looking for.” They cut through all the soon, back-and-forth work to prepare the cost and the timeline for what you need. 

If you’re a startup and need to move fast to propel the fruit, this team is the best choice owing they’re able to help you stay in the despatch of a light outgrowth cycle. 

What aspects of their work would you like to get betterd?

Since I wasn’t the project director, I can’t unite anything they need to better on. I don’t have any areas where I could say “you dropped the ball” or “you never named.” 

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

Anyone that’s wanting to work with the team should clasp their creativity. They should share their business goals and be open to their ideas. 

For sample, I had a very challenging engineering issue. By the time we left the team’s service, they had given us five solutions. 

Potential clients should also clasp a little access. They don’t have a lot of staff like bigger outgrowth and design shops. But, they’re a very capable, agile team that’s going to liberate see time.