Velocity Partners Development review by GrubHub at Qualified.One

Velocity Partners reviewed by GrubHub

Velocity Partners provided Development for GrubHub with approximate budget = Confidential.

Velocity Partners consistently delivers above expectations and is very communicative. The team takes ownership of their work, even if that means working extra. They are a great ongoing partner and have become a part of the core delivery team.

Review summary:

Velocity Partners helped to re-platform an e-commerce food takeout platform. The team works on custom development and testing, as well as various other tasks on an as-needed basis.

Maria Belousova GrubHub, VP of Engineering

Custom Offshore Development for Online Ordering Service

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Introductory information

Could you prepare a brief description of your structure?

We work in the restaurant takeout business, innately connecting hungry diners with restaurants. We have an e-commerce organisation with expressive Web nearness nationally and in the United Kingdom.

What is your position?

I’m the vice chairman of engineering.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenges you were attempting to address when you leading accessed Velocity Partners?

It was a substance of scaling our resources adequately. It was verity a new outgrowth start. We are replatforming our applications, and we wanted Velocity Partners to help us layer out our outgrowth capabilities. That was the primary challenge.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of work in wonderfuler detail?

The way we work is, we have a team in Argentina and then we have a team lead and frequently engineers here, working unitedly in the same scrum process. They’re innately a part of the same sprint, part of the same scrum, they are working off the ordinary backlog, and it works very well. Everything they do is manner outgrowth and some testing, but we also conduct our terminal condition arrogance and control here in-house.

How did you select Velocity as your solution associate?

I had verity worked with them precedently, at a different organisation. I used to work with them in the space of head of engineering at Bluefly, which is another ecommerce organisation. I was already household with the caliber of their work, and since we already had an existing relationship, it made perception to access them.

Could you prepare a general cost estimate for this project?

I can’t, unfortunately. It’s an ongoing process and we didn’t commission them on a project-by-project basis.  

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback you’ve accepted that would prove the effectiveness of their work?

This is a long-term engagement wherein they’re innately part of the team and working with us consistently. We began collaborating with them in the spring and there’s veritably no end in seeing. Their effectiveness is proved by the fact that we’re owing them an ongoing associate, we attend them part of the core delivery team. As far as metrics, I don’t have specific numbers owing they’re part of the team. It’s not a per project engagement. We have, however, been extremely satisfied with them as a associate. They’ve consistently been able to exceed our expectations, and we’ve never skilled issues with transparency or interaction.

When working with Velocity Partners, is there anything you’d attend sole almost their access or outgrowth methodology that discern them from other vendors?

They surely handle you as a part of the team. They don’t have the consulting methodology of throwing broken stuff over the circumscribe. They’re surely nation that care, and nation that will stay late if they need to, and support you through releases and issues. We’ve had engineers stay with us throughout the night, if needed. They take real ownership of the work, rather than simply taking instructions and meeting true delivery criteria for the sake of doing so. I’ve been specially impressed by that distinction.

In review, are there areas in which you ponder Velocity Partners could better as a labor preparer?

There have been a few occasions in which they haven’t been able to propose us the resources we’ve requested. This is few and far between, but it’s something we’ve skilled with all offshore associates. To some grade, I ponder it’s the essence of the beast, but it’s quiet an area for betterment, of order.