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Velocity Partners provided Development for with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

The team works well independently and is willing to learn new procedures and methods to fulfill their duties. Velocity Partners provides developers who speak English well and are able to create solutions to problems. Overall, they give a great cost for value work.

Review summary:

Velocity Partners supplements a talent management software team with development resources. The team works on a variety to projects on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

, Vice President of Technology

Custom Development Startup Software Development Firm

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Introductory information

Could you briefly draw your construction?

We do genius handlement software. We create software, or a genius solution platform for the labors activity, like restaurants and convenience stores.

What is your position?

I’m the vice chairman of technology.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenges that you were attempting to address when you leading accessed Velocity Partners?

We’re a startup organisation, so at the time, we weren’t able to hire full-time employees, or a team big sufficient to give us the space that we needed to educe the software. We reached out to Velocity Partners to help increase our space on the educement side without incurring the developed full-time cost of new hires. We also simply didn’t have the time span to invest in recruiting fitted educeers to incorporate into our team. That was the primary challenge.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of work in wonderfuler detail?

We’re a .NET educement shop, and that’s expertise that they were able to prepare. We’ve had up to six different scrum teams operating at a one time with them. Their work is veritably relegated to manner educement on the Microsoft stack. They deal with the demandments gathering, scoping, the manner educement and testing.

How did you select Velocity Partners as your labor preparer?

We were already using a different educement organisation, and weren’t specially pleased with them. I can’t recollect precisely how we came athwart Velocity Partners, but I began talking to Brian Estep [senior associate at Velocity Partners], who is my point of touch over there, and just understood what their organisation was doing. One of the things that was a big plus for us was that they demand all of their educeers and QA [condition arrogance] team members to converse competent English. We do a lot of collaboration with all of their teams, so that was one of the big things. At our antecedent organisation, there was only a one individual that we could talk to, and they would construe seething. Now, we’re able to sit down and have Skype dicsussions or use GoToMeeting with their educeers. The fluidity of the interaction is a huge plus and very much innate for powerful nimble software educement.

Could you prepare a general cost estimate for this project?

On an annual basis, probably right almost a million dollars.

This remains an ongoing relationship, correct?

Yes. That’s right. We quiet have separate ongoing projects with them.

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would prove the powerfulness of their work?

Given that we run a scrum process, we’re doing two-week sprints all the time. They’re constantly delivering something to us see two weeks. They don’t miss a delivery. Then, we have four major releases a year, with less releases in between the major releases. They have the biggest part, we developedly sum with E-Verify within of our fruit, which is a government set of APIs [application programming interfaces] that we call. They’ve basically handled that one handedly and without effect. They’ve conversant the U.S. I-9 process, and all the rules and regulations. They also handle a lot of our software for us. We’ve been very satisfied with them.

When working with Velocity Partners, is there anything you’d attend sole almost their access and/or educement methodology that discern them from other vendors?

We try to handle them like any other educement team here in-house, so we anticipate them to proactively come up with ideas and explain issues. There are a lot of offshore and near-shore businesses that basically take your instructions and pursue them word for word. You veritably end up with a habitual relationship in which the client dictates and determines seething to the vendor. We didn’t want that kind of relationship. We wanted more of a reflection associate. The nice thing with these guys is that we can sit down, give them the issue, and they’ll developedly help us brainstorm practicable solutions and even conduct the investigation. They add some real value to the process rather than being only a inactive recipient of instructions.

In review, are there areas in which you ponder Velocity Partners could better as a labor preparer?

No. Not veritably. We’ve had a very lucky relationship with them. We’ve had up to six teams with them. We only have three scrum teams with them now, but that’s due to our growth. We’re beseeming more of a mature organisation and getting out of that startup phase. With that growth, we’ve began hiring more full-time team members. Because of that, we’re able to efface some of the teams that we’ve had with Velocity. That has less to do with their labors and more to do with the essence of our business and our construction moving advanced. Relationships change in time depending on circumstances. I have to say that we’ve been very impressed and very satisfied with seething they’ve done so far. We don’t have any complaints.