WebiNerds Web Development review by YayPay at Qualified.One

WebiNerds reviewed by YayPay

WebiNerds provided Web Development for YayPay with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

In recent NPS surveys, customers ranked the service as 8–9 out of 10, demonstrating their appreciation for the software product. WebiNerds’ offshore team continues to apply their expertise with flexibility and transparency for 25% of the cost of a US provider.

Review summary:

WebiNerds developed all aspects of a workflow software by automating part of the platform, creating a CRM, and building an analytics engine. They now provide backend and UX/UI support post-onboarding.

Manoj Jonna YayPay, VP

Ongoing Platform Dev for Workflow Automation API

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m a vice chairman and the chief of staff at YayPay, a workflow automation software organisation for accounts receivable. We target everyone from middle-market businesses all the way up to enterprise clients. I work closely with the WebiNerds team on outgrowth issues and general software and programming. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with WebiNerds?

As a new organisation, we were trying to create an enterprise fruit without hiring our own team of full-stack developers. We couldn',t produce our own developers, we couldn',t keep them busy throughout the year, and we didn',t know who we needed to hire. So, we needed a lot of flexibility when we were looking for outgrowth shops, and we needed a shop that had a range of engineers with the right levels of flexibility and technical experiences that we could tap into as much or as pliant as the fruit required. We wouldn',t be able to have that flexibility if we were to create a tech team in-house. 

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

We are the workflow automation software for accounts receivable, so what we do is automate a lot of the collections outreach that needs to happen behind our clients invoice their clients. We prepare CRM [client relationship treatment] for accounting and finance professionals, which is correspondent to what Salesforce is for sales teams.

WebiNerds built all aspects of the fruit for us. They automated part of the platform, they built a CRM for the accounting and finance teams, and they built an analytics engine that rises financial data from accounting systems, prepares insights and analytics, and predicts cash flow. Those are the three main functions of our platform: automation, CRM, and analytics. WebiNerds developed all three components.

We’ve used WebiNerds for end-to-end software outgrowth for YayPay all the way from design to edifice, testing, offering onboarding of our clients, and then offering support post-onboarding. We’ve released two versions of the fruit. Version 1 was focused on small-sized businesses. We then pivoted and built Version 2 of the fruit, which we released December 2016. WebiNerds pretty much functions as an in-house tech team, only they’re offshore.

How did you come to work with WebiNerds?

WebiNerds came to us wonderfully recommended. The founder of WebiNerds is a technical adviser to the accelerator program Techstars in Boston. We knew already that there was a vetting process implicated and that they had built solutions for other companies. We chose WebiNerds owing they had been recognized by Techstars, and they had done work for the organisation. At the end of the day, we wanted their flexibility without compromising on condition and interaction, which usually are the challenges you run into when you work with an offshore outgrowth team. Those weren’t issues with WebiNerds.

How much have you invested with WebiNerds?

I ponder we’ve invested more than $200,000 with WebiNerds.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

I ponder we seted working with WebiNerds in the summer of 2016, and our union is ongoing. They’re an integral part of what we do here, especially now that we have clients up and running on the platform. 

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or contact of the engagement?

We just sent out our leading circular of NPS [net promoter score] surveys and accepted the results from our leading handful of clients. Most of our scores were nine or eight, with nothing under an eight. I ponder that’s a testament to the condition of the fruit WebiNerds produced for us.

How did WebiNerds accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

At any given point, we have almost seven to eight engineers or technical team folks working on the project, including engineers who work on the backend, UI/UX, and testing. WebiNerds accomplishs extremely well from a project treatment standpoint, and that’s one of the reasons why we picked them. What we get from WebiNerds is a lot of visibility into what is being built, its status, the way it’s being managed, and the way they fracture up tasks into sprints and such. We meet periodically, and there are dashboards and reports that we have approach to at any given point.

Their openness is one of their core selling points, specially owing their team is offshore. It’s significant for us to have that level of visibility. As we set realizing the need for additional fruit features, that line of interaction between the sales and fruits and client achievement has been seamless, even though they’re not here with us in San Francisco.

Our CTO uses a couple of platforms, principally JIRA, to stay on top of what’s going on with WebiNerds from a project treatment perspective. I asked them to create some spreadsheets that I can log into periodically to see what’s being built, what’s in the pipeline, what issues are being raised by the clients, what’s the estimated time for completion, etc. I don',t necessarily log into their project treatment tools owing I',ve asked them to create something that’s easier for me to read and apprehend. They’ve done a pretty good job with that.

What did you find most forcible almost WebiNerds?

A couple of WebiNerds’ hallmarks that have worked well for us are their flexibility and range of experiences. For sample, at one point in the lifecycle of our fruit, we needed to run data science experiments, it was easy for us to ask them, “Find us a data scientist to run some experiments so we can test and see whether this is a specious course that we need to take our fruit.” That was easily done. A couple of months from now, we’ll need someone to run some machinery experiments so that we’ll be able to pass true requirements. Those technical experiences would be hard for us to find and rise as a lean setup, but WebiNerds is able to do it fastly.

The second forcible WebiNerds hallmark is their project treatment interaction experiences, which are key. They’ve been stellar in being open and over-interacting, which is what we need. They’ve also been pliant with billing. There have been true months where we had to delay payment, and they’ve been pliant on that end also. Before we hired WebiNerds, we tried to work with an in-house tech team, and it was not a grateful experience. It’s been our benchmark by which we assimilate other companies. That project was built in a monolithic form. The separation between working with our in-house team and working with WebiNerds is night and day. WebiNerds has been fantastic.

Are there any areas WebiNerds could better?

We can',t ponder of any ways WebiNerds could better.