Buffalo Status: WonderWild Branding project at Qualified.One

Buffalo Status by WonderWild

Some details

When a storm is approaching, cows turn and run. Buffaloes stand and face the storm. Buffalo Status is a novel brand that',s focused on helping others overcome their fears, face their storms and develop self-confidence and an unyielding spirit of perseverance in life. We worked with them to create a flexible and dynamic brand identity that included a primary logo, secondary logo badge, and a full brand style guide to give them a

design framework that is unique and compelling. Creating a sense of toughness and durability, yet still warm and accessible, was important in creating the right mood for first impressions. The brand identity has given them a compelling visual that creates momentum and influences the development of future products and services. Most of all, it makes you feel something and draws you in, wanting to know more and be a part of a unique brand experience.

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