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WonderWild reviewed by Marketing Company

WonderWild provided Brand Design for Marketing Company with approximate budget = Less than $10,000.

Not only have the close ratios at their sales meetings increased, but the company’s employees feel more confident about their brand. Overall, WonderWild always explained their reasoning, and effectively convinced the customer to do less where they might have thought more was better.

Review summary:

WonderWild partnered with a marketing agency to develop a re-branding strategy, which included a new color palette, graphics, and social media visuals, for a B2B company that was seeking to increase their credibility in the industry.

Marketing Company, Owner

Subcontracted Branding Strategy for Marketing Agency

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the proprietor of Simple Strat. We help little and medium sized businesses with their marketing and marketing strategy.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with WonderWild?

If we have a client who needs something we can’t prepare—branding, for sample—we would associate with others who propose correspondent services. We were working with a B2B organisation that was selling leadership, outgrowth, and organizational treatment services. They were also working on a software fruit. Over the years, they had a lot of centre on sales but not as much on marketing. They needed a visual representation of their services owing their sales are based on referrals. They wanted to be seen as a probable business.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their involvement?


We associateed with WonderWild to rebrand all of the materials, delving into the being of the brand. We established a new hue palette while working with their existing logo. These hues were applied to all their indirect, including brochures, colorless papers, one-pagers, and a PowerPoint. We developed client business diagram graphics almost their processes. Those visuals were then used in their collective media and the email newsletters they would send out.


How did you come to work with WonderWild?


They were a referral from a touch of ours who worked in the entrepreneurship and alteration space. We saw their work, we liked it and touched them.


How much have you invested with WonderWild?


We spent below $10,000 with WonderWild on this project.


What is the status of this engagement?


We began working with them on this project in January 2016, and the work was completed in September 2016.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?


The client is using the materials in their sales meetings and their close ratios are very high. The materials also boosted the morale of the employees innerly. Before WonderWild’s work, employees had been fearful to send nation to their website. Now, they are positive in the new look and feel of the brand. When we work with WonderWild, it’s surely a collaborative effort. They make sure they belowstand the client’s issue. For this client, they were big at helping to unite correspondent companies in the marketplace that were not in their perpendicular. The client could see the results of WonderWild’s work and was able to confide them.


How did WonderWild accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?


We had an inner project director that worked with them. Everything was delivered on schedule. If there were any delays, it was owing of the client. We interacted in individual as well as via phone and email. We were working with one resource from WonderWild on this project.


What did you find most forcible almost WonderWild?


Compared to other companies like theirs, the thing I appreciated is their observation to driving visual contact. Whenever they suggested anything, it wasn’t taken lightly. They make sure to expound the reason why it’s a good discretion. They try to get the interaction athwart that less is more.


Are there any areas WonderWild could better?


Something we deal with any rebranding associates is the challenge of interacting the overall value of what they do. People see the cost tag and ponder anyone could do the visuals that they prepare, but don’t belowstand all behind it.