How we helped make PayPal mobile-first.: YML Digital Strategy project at Qualified.One

How we helped make PayPal mobile-first. by YML

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As mobile eats the world, Paypal wanted to transform. Working closely with Paypal',s engineering team, we re-engineered their app to become a mobile-first payments engine.


The new PayPal app focuses on sending and receiving money. Notification cards alert you when you',ve received funds, and a list of recently paid people and businesses speed up common payments.


Easily pay bills, or friends, and

send money to anyone, anywhere with simple quick-buttons and a streamlined transaction flow.


Upon receipt, a card-based notification alerts you to the successful completion on the transaction. And a simple activity feed helps you keep track of all your account activity.


Now with over 19.5 million businesses and 250 million customers using PayPal mobile, it processes more than $200 billion in transactions every year. It is ranked the #1 app in finance and is rated one of the top 100 apps by Apple in 2017.

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