Zeacon application: Zoolatech eCommerce Development project at Qualified.One

Zeacon application by Zoolatech

Some details

Zeacon’s founders approached Zoolatech to create a location-based mobile service that incorporates social networking elements and marketing.

Our challenge was to understand our client’s core concerns, including business modules, objectives, ideas, and target audience, and then move forward with the application development.

Zeacon is a social network for the mobile experience, where users can interact

with each other based on their region and location in real-time. The application is all about meeting and connecting with like-minded people in local places, making it part social neighborhood guide, part mobile friend finder.

Zeacon',s marketing premise ties to both local and global businesses, providing information for business solutions based on in-depth location data. Whether they want to attract new clients, send out sale announcements, or improve customer conversions, Zeacon can help. This real-time platform gives local businesses the tools they need to increase foot traffic, track sales, and gather deeper insights than ever before about what really makes their customers tick.

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